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I love the winter in Belo Horizonte as much as Scandinavians love their summer.

The sun is always shining, the sky is always blue and temperatures are most agreeable. Do you see why I get so happy this time of year?

So to share my love of our winter with the lovers of summer, here’s a song that reminds me of happy moods under nice weather, Happy House, by the Belgian trio Shindu.

Dream away.


I dare you

To take me on

I dare you

To show me your palms

What’s so scary?

Not a threat in sight!

You just can’t handle

You can’t handle love.

Words by Björk.

Images from selected sources.


Too bored for words.


Last week I wrote a poem which sprung from ideas that had been in my mind for years before I finally put them to words.

It speaks of all the humanness and ubiquity of homosexuality.

Then gay marriage was approved in the state of New York.

And I shall not post the poem here: it has become minor.

One might wonder, why is that so important for homosexuals around the globe?

The answer is threefold:

1. The USA are the most important and constant source of mass culture at present, and everything coming from them sparks debate and headlines.

2. New York City will now be home for gay couples from all over. No need to explain its cultural importance in the world.

3. The remarkable effort and multiple politic strategies employed by Mr Cuomo’s people to pass the bill shows how much the gay community still needs to further unite and organize itself on various levels. (See the NY Times article here)

At times like these my heart and brains are flooded with better hopes for the future.

Dans og syng

I had heard several good things on Danish singer/producer Nanna Øland Fabricius‘ project Oh Land, but never really checked it out until now.

It’s worth it:

Hav en god weekend.


I’m tired and hung over.

My brain needs sugar and my eyes need candy. Hence:

Brazilian model Natan Machado (Ford Models). Pictures by my friend Daniela Nogueira.

Via MadeInBrazil.


To flirt with danger is a very accurate description of the feeling: peril is as exciting as a novel prey in the enticing eyes of the sensation hunter.

Letting go of oneself is not always a positive move:  it has consequences.

Learning where to draw the line in one’s life is a pure form of art.

Boundlessness is utopic.

And so attractive.

I’ll be yours

I will weave for you

A marvelous web

Glow-in-the-dark threads

All Neon Like

Love stories that are intertwined like woolen threads inspire me.

All paintings by John Squire (The Celebrity Series).

Words by Björk.

New week with Yuksek

So a new (and busy) week begins.

And to accompany it, great music:

Amidst the tornado of cheap pop, Yuksek is a breeze of fresh beats.

Back and forth

It might be impractical to seek out a new romance
we won’t know the actual if we never take the chance
I’d like to collapse with you and ease you against this song
I think we’re compatible, I see that you think I’m wrong

I fully admit to being resistant to TV On The Radio‘s music; now I am simply obliged to give in.

One of the reasons I changed my mind is that their new record, Nine Types of Light, was made to be a record as well as re-imaging of the album.

The full product can be seen here:

Be brave and embrace it.

the L word





Pictures by three of my favorite capturers of male beauty:

Brett Lloyd & Stuart Sandford Wolfgang Tillmans.

Two songs, two moods

Producer Aaron Jerome is the brain and hands behind SBTRKT and this lovely song featuring long time favorite Little Dragon (who are releasing a record in July).

It might stimulate ideas of your own.

Ok, if you need the visuals, here’s a short film/video with music by Little Dragon directed by Johannes Nyholm:

Pick your mood and enjoy it.


expectations * forventninger * expectativas * aşteptări * erwartungen * aspettative * utsikter * vonir * espérances * ожидания * nadzieje * תקוות *

expectations * forventninger * expectativas * aşteptări * erwartungen * aspettative * utsikter * vonir * espérances * ожидания * nadzieje * תקוות *

expectations * forventninger * expectativas * aşteptări * erwartungen * aspettative * utsikter * vonir * espérances * ожидания * nadzieje * תקוות *

Sometimes the path of repetion is one of expression. Some thoughts and ideas need to be worn out so they be worn off.



Trial & error: a definition of life.

Awaiting, expecting, hoping, waiting.

Once it’s done, it’s best to look back.

Hold your breath; it falls apart.

Then you start again.


Images by Berlin-based Slawomir Elsner.



Expecting less equals increased sanity.

Speaking one’s mind may hinder happiness.

Having a temper is a test of others’ sentiments.

Tastes testify of one’s experience.

Expressing fragility enlarges strength.

Training thoughts helps extinguish fickleness.

Fondness paves the way for firm affection.

Fear-facing ferments self-assurance.

Paintings by Garth Weiser.