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When the head is the lid
And the voice is the key
The heart is the twist
That unveils the need

The ribs are the chest
And lungs can be love
That unlock what is best
From within the soul


Pictures by Brett Lloyd


Dreamy journey
Sand, sun, summer
Clouds, cats, cuddling
Sea, hills or desert
Inwards or outwards
Cheerful echoes
A dive in the snow
Waterfalls of happiness
Shower the unknown


Run run run
Optimism versus pessimism
What’s next in the chain
Back to the start
Gain the again
Repeat but improve
Clear the clouds
The sky lit the line

Rescue for Evasion

Books, the stories they tell and the opportunity they offer for escape into other worlds, are a key inspiration for the artists [Janet Cardiff and George Miller]:



I love libraries because of the layers of time and meaning they contain. I like how you can escape into other worlds in a library, how when you open a book, you’re somewhere else

– Janet Cardiff

Film-like; no reason

Most lovable: Pegase

The Exercise

Dam-like, water force
Opposing impulses I know so well
A pound lock, rising rivulets
Fighting to emerge from my own dwell

Ipsis Litteris

Every single night
I endure the fight
of little wings of white-flamed
Butterflies in my brain
These ideas of mine
percolate the mind
trickle down the spine
swarm the belly, swelling to blaze

The new album is  out on June 19th.

A Prayer

Anxiety is the antecipation of fear
Fear is ignorance about the unknown
The unknown is something to be discovered

And that is all there is to it.

Marginal, central

Kuduro is a type of music and dance from Angola.

Titica is a transexual kuduro performer who’s won support through her career.

M.I.A. has defined the modest origins and therein the strength of kuduro:

“It initially came from kids not having anything to make music on other than cellphones, using samples they’d get from their PCs and mobiles’ sound buttons. It’s a rave-y, beat oriented sound. Now that it’s growing, they’ve got proper PCs to make music on.”

Music always makes one stronger.


It is hard to persevere through times of doubt when one is being pulled back

In focus may lie the answer

The Leap

Afraid of chances, keen on changes
Changes that challenge, churning chasms
To choose to try: chills in the spine
Choking but hoping a new life to find





Half asleep, wide Awake

School of Seven Bells





Everything changes: unexpectedly, undoubtedly, delightfully.

*  *   *

*   *     *



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