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A Brazilian in…

Heaven help me for the way I am. I’m laughing my ass off (I too can be vulgar) of Vice Magazine‘s Brazil Issue.

If you are interesting in all the sides of this country and also have a taste for the fabulously quirky, leave everything you’re doing and run to the news stand nearest you and get this magazine.

My favorite article includes this lovely tranny-looking girl who lives in Vienna:

Looking spankin' good in São Paulo

Looking spankin' good in São Paulo

I just love how the magazine shoots really clever questions disguised as silly ones on clichés about Brazil. There are so many stereotypes concerning this country, so why ignore them? If you are Japanese, Austrian, American, Canadian or French, you might be offended. Enjoy.

Grow grow grow

Sometimes things are so easily resolved after an honest talk – it’s amazing.

Continuing the series on becoming more mature, I would like to post this great video of a PJ Harvey song which I absolutely love:


Taken from the ghostly wonderful White Chalk (2007), this song and the way PJ played it are absolutely breathtaking.

Teach me mummy, how to grow.

Growing and being drunk

With time I have learned to appreciate and even need to have people who don’t understand me around. Sometimes, when all of your loving friends always agree with you and understand your actions, you don’t get a chance to question yourself.

Questioning oneself is a prerogative to grow, I always say.

Isn’t it lovely to realize that you are just wrong? Maybe not at first, but for those who really care about improving themselves, it becomes so and quite soon.

Keeping that last thought in mind, I must say that I was quite mistaken about certain things in the recent past. I spent so much time and precious energy trying to convince someone else that mine was the best way to argue. What a preposterous idea. 

For those who want to let go of their regrets, here’s a fun yet not quite advisable way of forgetting problem’s: going to a party such as the Adidas House Party of your city and getting as drunk as I did last weekend. I recall but vaguely people’s faces and what was said and done, though I am quite aware that I didn’t do anything stupid.

Besides, all the alcohol helped me keep warm since my boxer outfit wasn’t the best choice for a cool night such as Saturday. How adolescent of me.

Boxing clever

Today I shall be attending my city’s edition of the Adidas House Party:


It will be the perfect opportunity for me to wear my favorite type of outfit of the semester: sports inspired.

Of all possible looks, the boxer one appeals to me the most. I just adore the idea that a gay guy can have his fun wearing something as macho and masculine as those shorts, boots and tight t-shirts. I am obviously fully aware that gay people can do whatever they want, including butchy sports, but the thought of making a physical activity attire into a fashionable item is something only queer boys can have fun with.

Let us have fun then.

Sunday Night Silence

It is quite a paradox: even though I’m so into music, I still appreciate and much need times of complete silence.

On a Sunday night, for example, soundlessness is my choice of noise. The truth is that I hate the feeling I get when I sense the new week arriving with all its demands, obligations and responsibilities. I very often need to focus for a while, in a sort of breathe-in-breathe-out moment, something to help me get through boring times…

Talking boredom-avoiding activities, I’ve just come home from the cinema and I can’t help but express my disappointment at “Wolverine: Origins“. As a fan of the comic series and an enthusiast for the story of the mutants and its metaphors for prejudice, I’ve got to say that this new addition to the movie series is basically just dull. Although Wolverine was never my favorite character (despite being one of the hottest), I did expect more from the film. It is nothing but another action movie of the commonest kind. What a turn-off.

While some of you might want to check it out for yourselves, I for one am going to go back to my preferred soundtrack for today. Have fun.

Promises, Physics and Music

Upon my return to the homeland, I made a promise to myself to endeavour new things and develop new projects, all in favor of novelty and excitement.

As I’m quite aware of the laws of Physics which govern movement, I know that the best thing  to do in order to achieve something is actually taking the first step. And so I did: multiple projects, exciting ideas and a bright future ahead – that’s all I wanted to do.

Then now, in the beginning of May, I realize nothing is yet completed. What a big disappointment.

I have also realized how much things sometimes depend on external circumstances and that there’s nothing to do but wait sometimes. I’m just hoping and praying my excitement won’t wear out. So help us Music.

As usual, music is one of the only things which always cheer me up. Today’s favorites:

There’s nothing like the combination of good music and beautiful bodies on display to cheer one up. Have fun.