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Humility and timidity rhyme as effortlessly as  self-assuredness and misinterpretation. It is just a matter of interaction.

The Membrane

IF you fill your interior with accumulating thoughts and swelling ideas, mindsets may commence to mold.

What is the use of inner richness when it leaves the outside devoided of interest?

When the content is as impressive as it is private, the surface will be deemed just puny.


Myths are interesting to me because they are stories that can be told in perpetuity. They’re stories that can be told again and again… And there’s always nuance.

– Elliott Hundley

 – * – * –

Little boy

Baby said he couldn’t stay
Wouldn’t put his lips to mine
And a fail to kiss is a fail to cope

And I said: honey, I don’t feel so good
Don’t feel justified
Come on put a little love here in my void

He said: it’s all in your head
And I said: so it’s everything
But he didn’t get it

I thought he was a man

But he was just a little boy

Lyrics by Fiona Apple,  picture via East Village Boys


Emotional ins and outs, ups and downs, aboves and beyonds, throughs and bys, withins and withouts, backwards and forwards, likes and unlikes never seem to make me learn a thing.

It’s ongoing


This is my second most important imaginary love.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet him in São Paulo last month.

But that day will come.

Or so I wish.

Meeting beauty

While in São Paulo, I met Marlon Teixeira.

He’s sweet, shy and funny.

I’m in heaven.

(video: Marlon and Jamie Wise  directed by Nicolas Valois for Soon International)



Faller-in-love: an upcoming profession, a habit, a vice.

I can’t stop myself.


I’m tired and hung over.

My brain needs sugar and my eyes need candy. Hence:

Brazilian model Natan Machado (Ford Models). Pictures by my friend Daniela Nogueira.

Via MadeInBrazil.

Ingenious Spencer

Male high fashion is something truly rare, I dare say practically nonexistent.

Besides the endless parade of reinventions of the suit, not enough is done so as to provide boys with avant-garde, forward-looking looks. Mind you, I do enjoy a well-tailored suit and conservative wear, but one simply cannot wear it at all times if one wants to dress smartly and interestingly.

And that is precisely why I worship (yes, for it goes much beyond admiration) the work of fashion editor/stylist Robbie Spencer.

I’ve been following his work avidly on the pages of both Dazed & Confused and AnotherMan and he never ceases to surprise and dazzle me:

A master of layering and a gifted expert in accessories, Robbie is always able to put the most exciting and exquisite male looks  together.

What’s most remarkable is Spencer’s ability to come up with outfits that are quite haute couture for menswear, but totally absent of that feminine touch that is often present in such stylings.
He is a genius.

Liking Looking

Looking at Francisco Lachowski is always so soothing:

I feel brand new, right about now.


I’ve got to start going out a bit more.

I’ve been much too reclusive.

I’m beginning to feel the need to see new faces, new trends, new movements.

Images from Ffffound and Homotography.

Clarity call

Beyond the hardships, better days will blossom.

Clearer ideas and relieving decisions will come to life.

NY S2011: Looks I Love

Very self-centeredly, I only like fashion either that I can wear or that I would wear, were I a bit bolder (and richer).

Having said that, I must say that I found a new love in the fashion industry after the last New York Spring 2011 shows: Band of Outsiders.

I loved the colors, the lengths, the weirdness and the accessories.

My favorite looks:

the Shorts, the Shirt, the Shoes

the Shorts, the Boots, the Shirt

the Boots, the Top, the Combination

the Shirt, the Shorts, the Shoes, the Cap, the Look

Is it too much to desire an entire collection?

The American brand  and its California meets the Riviera flavor are perfect for both Brazil and my wardrobe.

Short is posh

I am delighted to see that short shorts have been quite a hit in the Spring collections 2011 of the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Living in a tropical country, shorts have been my attire of choice for many a night out in the town.

It is so refreshing to see that designers are embracing such a heat-friendly trend.

Some of my favorite looks:


Colorful and velvety.


Lovely beach feeling, pretty colors.

Dolce & Gabbana

Italy in its best.

Calvin Klein

For a bolder look.

Viktor & Rolf

Make it posh.

Welcome to Brazil.