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Worry Maker

Stage 1: great afflictions saturate the stomach.
Stage 2: the heart empties once the task is completed.
Stage 3: dailiness finally fills the veins.


Desperate times due to disparate thoughts


A find

Fickle and fragile and febrile and foolish
After so many years of self-awareness
Why do innver moves still force the surface out of focus?
Sighing: self-inflicted pain is the only one to let go


To accept what is given without proper pondering and careful consideration; what a sluggish pace to face the stream.



What is the relevance of every single tiny thing in one’s life?

Bug Memorials is a brilliant series of works by Carmichael Collective that raises such a philosophical question.

Rescue for Evasion

Books, the stories they tell and the opportunity they offer for escape into other worlds, are a key inspiration for the artists [Janet Cardiff and George Miller]:



I love libraries because of the layers of time and meaning they contain. I like how you can escape into other worlds in a library, how when you open a book, you’re somewhere else

– Janet Cardiff


Picking your path is more about which direction to take than which door to open
When windows too are shut, ways out can be dug
If digging fails, swimming saves
Now breathe

Works by Chris Fraser