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2 I hate, 1 I love

I hate adults who love Harry Potter books/films;

I hate people who post photos of food on social networks;

I love social networks.

2 things I hate, 1 thing I love

Life this week has basically forced the following conclusions upon me.

  • I hate parties that never end – especially when people are so on drugs they don’t realize they suck.
  • I hate having to work after 9 pm – one misses the best of the evening.
  • I love taking a nap alongside a cat – a purr is the one true lullaby.

Two things I hate, one thing I love

  • I hate having to work with incompetent people – they make my work even harder.
  • I hate dealing with impolite people – they shock me out of my senses.
  • I love sipping coffee at home in a rainy day – a true blessing.

Mood sagas

Love and hate are constant components of my everyday life. For instance, had my last weekend been a book, its title would have probably been The Emotional Yoyo, a Tale of Mood Swings. Not that I’m pregnant, it’s just that my humors change quite often, unfortunately.

Bearing that in mind, here’s my list of 2 things I hate, 1 I love:

2 Things I hate

  • waking up early (the key to bad mood);
  • being forced to be happy in the morning (when meeting clients, for example).

1 Thing I love

  • having long breakfast any day of the week.

I had a lovely dream about my ex-boyfriend (not sexual, though). That also cheers me up quite a bit.

Two things I hate, one thing I love

I have no words to express my appreciation for the succintness of lists. What’s more, they are really fun to make.

Following the lead of a(n) (in)famous Brazilian journalist, I hereby cite:

2 Things I hate

  • French anything in restaurants that are not French cuisine (what a silly attempt to make something seem fancier, esp. when there are language mistakes to be found).
  • Snobbish salespeople (since when working for a reknown brand is synonym with being chic?).

1 Thing I love

  • Sipping coffee alone before seeing a movie (there’s nothing better for creating a perfect mindset for absorbing a story).

Let us love, but let us hate a little too. There is no doubt that it is the contrast that makes life fun.