Box Of Feelings

Inspired  by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher‘s Learning to Love You More, BOX OF FEELINGS is a project in which I am going to propose  assignments that I and others must complete, throughout this year.

The aim of the Assignments, and what makes this project different from July and Fletcher’s, is that all of them concern only heavy emotions, feelings usually kept very well hidden inside our heads/hearts.

This is an ongoing project, and anyone can participate and do any assignment they feel enticed to, on any given time.

The Assignments can be seen in the following links:

Assignment #1
Assignment #2


The best art and writing is almost like an assignment; it is so vibrant that you feel compelled to make something in response. Suddenly it is clear what you have to do. For a brief moment it seems wonderfully easy to live and love and create breathtaking things. In this section we have archived some of the work that has commanded us in this way. In a sense, these are assignments — in the same way that the ocean gives the assignment of breathing deeply, and kissing instructs us to stop thinking.

(July & Fletcher)

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