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Till the day
Is ending
And the birds
Are silent
And the insects
Are courting

By the shores
Heavy stones
Are falling


As soon as I’m
Left alone
The Devil wanders
Into my soul
And I pretend to myself

Oh, something metal
Tearing my stomach out
If you think ill of me

All those places
That I recall
The memories that grip me
And pin me down

(PJ Harvey)

Mixed Blessing

PJ Harvey is a person I so deeply admire she’s become something beyond a mere idol: she is just pure inspiration.

Not only is she an outstanding musician, but her words and lyric-writing speak right into me.

This excerpt of a Dazed interview one of the reasons why:

D&C: You once said in Dazed & Confused, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel so deeply. I wish I could let things ride a bit more.” Do you still feel that way?

PJ Harvey: As an artist, no matter what field of work you’re in or medium, you have to feel things deeply in order to then process that and turn it around and put it out someway in whatever art form you are using. So it’s a mixed blessing. Obviously, you need to be extremely sensitive as a person in order to absorb all of these feelings and in order to process them and that has its downsides. It can be extremely draining, but at the same time if I didn’t have those qualities myself, if I wasn’t able to feel these things on a very deep level, I couldn’t write about them and I feel very lucky to be able to do the work I do and I really enjoy doing it.

If I may dare to say so, I make her words mine.

And as a treat, here’s the last of the short films/music videos done by Seamus Murphy for PJ‘s Let England Shake. It is one of my favorite songs, too:

With hearts that threatened to pop their boxes.


Oh Dearest Young Man
Teach me Sweetheart
How to love you

You’ve got me lying
You’ve got me leaving home
You’ve got me crying
When I’m alone

PJ Harvey knows it all

Political Seeds

It is not often that artists successfully navigate their way through political themes.

PJ Harvey does it so gracefully I thought it was but pertinent to include her in my wave of politics-related posts. Here’s the most recent video for her much acclaimed new album Let England Shake, The Glorious Land:

As the lyrics state, we must be keenly aware of the people we choose to govern us and their political agenda.

How is our glorious land sewn? Not with wheat and corn

War is the silliest excuse for the enforcement of economical and political interests.

Let us not be led to believe otherwise.

Mental soundtrack

I have been listening incessantly to Let England Shake, PJ Harvey‘s latest marvel.

Its musicality and the depth of its lyrics resound so well within I cannot help but listen to it on a daily basis.

Now the third of the series of videos made by conflict photographer Seamus Murphy has been released:

It is one of my favorite songs of the record, a true musical beauty.

Who said politically inspired music can’t be enjoyable – and I dare say, fun?

Words, words and PJ

A little more politically-focused, PJ Harvey is back with another video directed by Seamus Murphy,

The Words That Maketh Murder

In trying to combine heavy-felt lyrics with upbeat music, PJ has yet again won me over.


My love and admiration for PJ Harvey is boundless as it is endless.

For every song in her upcoming album (Let England Shake) there will be a short film directed by award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy.

The first one is The Last Living Rose:

I love it when two creative minds unite in favor of a more thorough and dynamic art form.

It almost leaves me speechless.

Black & color

My mouth is dry, my eyes are hungry. Thus,

Let a new week begin.

Mr Badmouth

No kind words are

coming out of your mouth

Plenty goes in

but nothing good ever comes out

Sad mouth, bad mouth

u were an unhappy child

That doesn’t make your

lying tongue alright

Wash it out / Wash it out / Wash it out

Lucky us

This is one of those weeks when I feel I need an extra push to get through to the weekend (yet another busy one, I can foresee).

So expectations play an important part in my selection of musical solace for today. What I mean is, my real favorite artists – the ones who speak right to my heart – are supposed to release new records in the near future. The list:

1. PJ Harvey. Her new album will be released sometime in 2011 along with fresh new concerts in European capitals.

2. Fiona Apple. Some of the new material has leaked onto Youtube and the like, along with rumors that a new record will see the light of day in the next Spring.

3. Ladyhawke. The Kiwi singer with the smartest keyboards on the planet is working on new material to be released very very soon.

4. Björk. The long hiatus will see an end as her much worked on new music is put out hopefully sometime next year. It hurts me to say it, but I do hope it will leave up to my expectations after the mostly disappointing Volta.

5. Lykke Li. Her sweet voice and heartfelt songs will fill our dreams as she releases her new album in the near future. Meanwhile, she has come out with a single that is both mischievous and down-to-the-bones honest, Get Some:

How redundant is it to say that I cannot wait to get all of these?

PS: Yes, I love female singers.


Too quick to die

Success needs killing

Let me know the way before there’s hell to pay

Give me room to lay the law and let me go

I am yours now

I’ve been found out

Where would I be

Let the world shake

Musicians who have full creative control and total awareness of their artistic goals are always worth of praise.

If they are in addition talented, insightful and surprising, they deserve nothing less than admiration.

When they possess the rare ability of good songwriting, they are entitled to lifelong passion.

Such is the case of PJ Harvey.

As her first new songs begin to appear, my heart has already started pounding with anticipation:

With an album more focused on the ‘outward world’, Polly Jean is once again entering new ground.

Using samples and with a long-waited return of the guitar, her new album is bound to be as elegant as plain good:

To be adored.

Strings and redheads

Ever since PJ Harvey used banjos in her hypnotically wonderful song Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen in the album A Man A Woman Walked by, I’ve been acquiring quite a taste for string instruments, especially when they’re used in surprising ways.

Today I came across a new indie band from the USA who play exactly the music I’ve been digging. Here’s Saintseneca:

Add a red-headed singer to the mix and I’m all in love.

I always fall for things that aren’t easy to get.

In time: PJ is about the release a new record. I can’t wait.

The last list

Is the year over yet? No? So, there’s time for the last list of 2009.

As a music addict, I’ve listened to dozen of bands all along the year. Some of these artists have managed to touch me in one way or the other, for they were part of the soundtrack of my life in 2009 (sound memory forever). And some of those acts launched new albums this year. So, with no more delays, here’s my list of the top 5 albums of 2009:

  1. The xx. The year’s best discovery. Melodic songs, sexy voices, strong bass and heart-warming lyrics. Unforgettable.
  2. Fever Ray. The world’s most luxurious electronic music bathed in feeling, meaning and purpose. A masterpiece.
  3. La Roux. How far can a beautiful voice and lovable synths go? Quite a long way, it seems. Deliciously good.
  4. The Arctic MonkeysHumbug. More mature, more guitars, more melody, more Alex Turner. For all times.
  5. PJ Harvey & John ParishA Man A Woman Walked By. Banjoes, organs, guitars and voice. A breath of fresh rock into one’s ears.

A universe of feelings:

A musical universe:

May all of us have an art-filled and creatively rich 2010, with lots of good music too.