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The Dancer

I’ve cried days

I’ve cried nights

For the Lord just to send me home some sign

Is he near? Is he far?

Bring peace to my black and empty heart

Lyrics by PJ Harvey,

pictures via MadeInBrazil


This is my second most important imaginary love.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet him in São Paulo last month.

But that day will come.

Or so I wish.

Meeting beauty

While in São Paulo, I met Marlon Teixeira.

He’s sweet, shy and funny.

I’m in heaven.

(video: Marlon and Jamie Wise  directed by Nicolas Valois for Soon International)



Elements that jade me in the contemporary high fashion and art worlds:

  • self-portraits &
  • sex as a shocker &
  • profligate ephebophilia

Elements that enkindle my interest:

  • female artists &
  • the merging of music with the arts &
  • São Paulo City


I am not the only one of my circle to be a firm supporter of talented collaboration.

Three of my friends joined forces to produce this lovely video:

Anna Boogie took the iniciative to show her herself  the new  jewelry collection in a video directed by Gianfranco Briceño with styling by Rodrigo Polack.

And I absolutely love Little Room, the song by The White Stripes.

Out and Within

Things I found out while I was in the Amazon:

1. I am most definitely and quite thouroughly a city person.

2. Resting and doing nothing is a crucial part of any of my vacations.

3. Eating very unusual food because it had been recommended isn’t the wisest thing to do.

4. Being kind, polite and nice to be around always pays back.

Time off is always time gained;


I’m back from the Amazon Region.

It was a trip to a different universe, where rivers matter more than roads, hats are more important than shoes and air conditioning is a question of human dignity.

I won’t get into the uniqueness of the experience, for it is Friday.

Instead, here’s the new very funky video by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs:

The Amazon Forest isn’t as colorful as this, I can assure you.