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Instincts, fear, beasts

I have been unable to post here due to health problems in the family. Luckily, things have improved and I can write a bit.

As everybody knows, animals fascinate me. Although I don’t necessarily feel comfortable when artists use them in their work, I must say that it does widen my eyes and almost always gets me thinking – something I’m constantly looking for in the arts (well, elsewhere too).

No wonder the work from Norwegian artist Simen Johan instantly spoke to me:

Not only are animals often the subject of his photography but also he uses Nordic beasts and scenery to translate his dark, dream-like/nightmarish visions into pictures.

What is it about animals that strikes us so deeply? Is it possibly that we are so afraid of living according to our instincts in search of a so-called civilized, sanitary world?

Just as dreams help us see beyond our normal lives, animals can serve as a subtle recollection of our worldly predispositions and that thought in itself is frightening.

Or mesmerizing.

Until it lasts or Cease to change

I love the work of Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof.

Through installations, photographs, video work and other types of artistic intervention, her pieces never cease to raise questions about time, transition and collapse.

From her Black Hole series:

Artists who help us challenge our own notions of time are always welcome.

Things change faster now than ever before.


I’ve expressed my admiration for Fefe Talavera‘s work before. The care with which she draws her beautifully imaginative monsters is a wonder in its own.

I recently went to one of her exhibitions and was taken aback by her wall, graffiti-like artwork.

She’s recently turned to brighter colors and slightly simpler strokes, somewhat different from the picture above (check her page for a closer look). Both approaches are equally pleasing.

Now I don’t know if I travel Rio or if I buy one of her paintings.

Artistic or sensory pleasure?

Black beauty from B

Finally, the time has come to show you a breathtakingly beautiful male model from Brazil who happens to be black:

William Prazeres is represented by 40 Graus Models.

(via MadeinBrazil)

Manifoldness for moving

Even though I honestly believe Brazil is the land of opportunity, creation and creativity, my personal growth requirements might lead me once more to go abroad. But mind you, I will not be choosing just anywhere to live.

Here are the Top 5 Things that most matter to me in a country:

  1. Cultural openness. Even more important than awareness of other cultures, it is truly important to me that the people in the country I choose to live would be open to different cultures no matter how far they might seem from theirs. Culturally self-centered nations are as xenophobic as they are boring.
  2. Ethnic diversity. From my experience, I reckon that the more ethnically diverse a land is, the more exciting it becomes in culture as well as in sociological ways.
  3. City-life vibration. Although I cherish and value the lifestyles of the countryside, I consider a rich and enticing city life to be an absolute necessity. I need to have choice in order to be satisfied; entertainment, shopping and transportation options are a key aspect for my happiness.
  4. Laid-backness. I know I probably invented this word, but I just love it when people are so laid-back they don’t waste time worrying too much about minor things. Life can be simpler if our heritage helps us keeping from being uptight.
  5. Gender equality. Sexism and homophobia walk hand in hand and thus push me farther and farther away from the place where they thrive.

Quite obviously, as I person who’s avid for so many forms of cultural expression, these five points are undeniably connected to culture. I am not the kind of human being who can be locked away in a library/gallery because everyone outside is aggressive or unwelcoming.

To contribute that sense of multiplicity and openness, here’s Jónsi‘s new video:

Although I’m almost positive Iceland does not score so well in my requirement list due to its lack of diversity, people like Jónsi definitely help not only his countrymen but other people everywhere become a bit more open to multiplicity of ideas and lifestyles.

To daze or to be confused

Some days we get so confused we don’t know where our minds are. That happens to me at least once a week.

Isn’t it a relief to find out more people feel just like we do?

At moments like this, music that isn’t easily digested helps a lot. Here’s some Dimlite (how appropriate):

And this is an illustration by Brazilian virtuoso Kako:

Sometimes, but not very often, it is good to realize things aren’t exactly what we thought or expected them to be.

Guilt sucks

It is not fun to be controlled by feelings of guilt.

They blind you, they weaken you and – most horridly – they lead you to misjudge things.

In an attempt to exorcise it, I did a little research based on a friend’s art project (have I mentioned it?), which consists of simply looking up images based on a feeling one has on a specific day. Here’s what I found:

* A video by Beck (really like him, always surprising):

* Five images I found on Google.






I haven’t checked their source since it’s not part of the project but what I can say is that they truly depict what I’m feeling now.

And I seriously hope it changes.