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Climate changes

At certain times, certain countries seem to become cradles of most enjoyable electronic music. France had its heyday, Germany has nurtured it and now it seems Australia is becoming more and more prone to fostering talent.

The first ones to get my attention were the guys from Cut Copy. Then, just by surfing their MySpace page I was able to find out about so many incredibly good artists.

They’ve got a new single out now:

And this was the very first song I listened to and loved immediately:

Something that has always struck me about Australian musicians and their tunes is the fact that they constantly produce upbeat music, even if the subject is not so cheerful. I couldn’t help but think of the influence of the constant nice weather, just as it happens with Brazilian art.

As the years go by, I’m more and more convinced of the weight of weather in our lives and our art. No matter how we might manipulate nature, it still has its impact on every human being.

No good trying to deny it.

Indie music for sensual sex

It has been known since the invention of the first bone flute by the cavemen that music is a great addition to sex. It can make one go faster, slower, get in the mood and of course fake a headache using the loud noise as an excuse for avoiding intercourse. I for one prefer songs that make me more aware of all my senses.

With that thought in mind, I searched my I-pod for the best songs to feel more sensual when having sex. Here’s my list:


Here’s the video for Crystalised:

The list is given. If you’re ever having sex with me, you know how to proceed.