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Don’t be seduced until you know my truths

I’m obsessed with Planningtorock‘s album W.


Last night my weary self bore witness to the power of music.

And embracing stage performances.

An elixir: music makes me stronger.


I know my feelings

Crawling out of my fillings

-A thread is cut –

-To mend is to alleviate –

But how mendacious is mitigating?

Music & lyrics by Planningtorock,

abstract pictures by Wolfgang Tillmans




Trust :: Disbelief

Confide :: Seclude

Reveal :: Refrain

React :: Response

Silence :: Action


Why do I yearn for simplicity when I most truly appreciate complexity?

I have never been easy-going.

Art piece by José Lerma

Thankful reading

My most intriguing experiences do not come from exotic traveling, I’m afraid.

What most fascinates me is the unique opportunity to glance at how other people lead their lives on a mental level: how they think the world, if you will.

Very seldom am I able to actually perceive it on my daily observations: those who are too different from me tend to irritate me too much and thus quickly kill my immediate curiosity.

However, very luckily for my anthropological interests, there is literature. How amusing it is to be able to cope with differences through the distance of reading! I’m most grateful to insightful writers, they lessen the burden of meeting and conversing with annoying real-life characters, personality-wise.

An excerpt of one such description:

I can only apologize so much for being enigmatic enough to continue to be an intriguing mystery, yet at the same time so emotionally available. When you come home from work I can’t help but want to know how your day was and what the other girls at the office think of you. I’m driven to sometimes engage you, but others to just let you get it off your chest. You think I don’t hate the fact I’m such a good listener? It’s a curse, a burden I carry with me. I’d love it if things could be different, but they can’t because I’ll never change.

(Ross BEELEY, You Can’t Change Me, Baby)

McSweeney’s feeds so brilliantly my hungry yet shunning curiosity.

Such a relief for a disquiet mind it is too.

Drawing by Julia Selin.


Why give it all on you
You shot a hole in my mind straight through
When you pushed me aside, three days I cried

And now everything goes my way
And now everything goes my way

But then again, it doesn’t.

Metronomy‘s The English Reviera is my favorite album of 2011.


Oh Dearest Young Man
Teach me Sweetheart
How to love you

You’ve got me lying
You’ve got me leaving home
You’ve got me crying
When I’m alone

PJ Harvey knows it all


they say for every high

there must a low low

for every sun ascending

a lonesome moon will grow grow


And when will Natasha Khan release a new Bat For Lashes record?

I’m in most desperate need of strengthening and inspiring words.


The perils of boredom may be approaching much too promptly.

To be bored and then let go: an insisting habit to sidestep.

To find thrill in the usual: what a trying attempt.

Pictures by Ryan McGinley



In a time when easy beauty rules, what a refreshing break to be regaled with weirdness.

And video art by Ryan Trecartin.


What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness

– Leon Tolstoy

Bravery & Cowardice

I had to break the window

It just had to be, it was in my way

Better that I break the window

Than miss what I should see

Words by Fiona Apple, works by Baptiste Debombourg


Though speaking can so easily enervate,

And chosen silence exert most fascinating influence,

Though voluntary muteness may be gracious,

Wording feelings is still pivotal.

All drawings by Brazilian artist Raquel Schembri.