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Karin Dreijer Anderson once said that spookiness can be an interesting feeling to explore in music.

I find it always amazing when a song’s lyrics or video send a totally different idea from the tune itself, especially when it becomes a combination of opposite feelings.

That is how I felt after watching Twin Sister‘s video for Kimmi in a Rice Field:

Diving in different waters, emerging with surprising emotions.


One step, two steps, a marathon.

Start, commence, initiate, a pause.

Ponder, conceive, reflect, a contemplation.

Wait, hesitate, delay, recrudesce.


I have been very concerned and mesmerized about other people’s lack of choice.

It seems to me that it can either  manifest itself as an unbearable source of discontent and thus be used for striving for change, or it can be perceived one’s undeniable fate and thus become an everlasting state.

Imagining how humans deal with both possibilities fascinates me.

For I have always been keen on maintaining my right to choose.

Stonefields is part of a series of works by Giuseppe Randazzo

Louder-speaking Words

There are certain aspects of one’s life and upbringing which simply cannot be denied, no matter the amount of effort put into acting differently.

This does not mean all endeavors shouldn’t be made, but it is wise to know beforehand that it requires great strength and resolve.

Positive or disruptive, the way we behave has an impact on our surroundings.

Rather than acting, this time I’ll choose speaking.

All photographs by Graciela Iturbide





Ingenious revenge: an illusion

Disquiet trust: the threat

Discomforting thinking: an outcome

All sculptures by Kate Macdowell.


When thoughts flow very wildly, a whirlwind of very confusing ideas is created.

When ideas blur, actions might deviate.

Deviate ways most often spawn in the waters of a dazed mind.

But thoughts that creep and hinder, tameable as beasts, are not to be fed.

It is a matter of finding the best mind handler.

All art pieces by Elliot Hundley


Inertia has kept me away from seriousness in the past few days.

If you had to picture me and my slow-montionness today, given my city surroundings, the best way to depict my mental stay would be something like this:


But I am very excited about Chloé Thévenin‘s new art/sound work. More on it in the near future, when I’m wide alert.