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It’s time

May the new year signal the beginning of a new era of justice, equality and… freedom.

Happy 2012!

Have a creative one

Gloom and Dawn


Shredding hearts in most thin threads
Balls of yarn, walls of care
Moving ceilings here and there

Solace in losing, a desperate patch
Matching emotions one cannot have

These broken feelings underneath and above
Secluded keenness: a fruitless grove
The time is now, the dusk of love



Till the day
Is ending
And the birds
Are silent
And the insects
Are courting

By the shores
Heavy stones
Are falling


As soon as I’m
Left alone
The Devil wanders
Into my soul
And I pretend to myself

Oh, something metal
Tearing my stomach out
If you think ill of me

All those places
That I recall
The memories that grip me
And pin me down

(PJ Harvey)


Every sentiment has its hidden roots,
Many failed attempts to grow a bloom,
Pure affection is seldom pruned.

Tears that dry though never wept,
Yearning for sharing: a most insistent sap

Up Beat

Dont’ know if I like the visuals;
Don’t know if I like the voice;
Don’t know if I like the lyrics;

But I love the result

It’s Jenocide!

To let things happen within.


So much past inside my present

So it is finally time to dive


Letting go of love

Finding furor and fury

But seeing relieving faces

Is rebelieving in the brightness of bonding



Feeling like laying

One mission accomplished

A lot still lies ahead






pictures by Ann Woo


Elements that jade me in the contemporary high fashion and art worlds:

  • self-portraits &
  • sex as a shocker &
  • profligate ephebophilia

Elements that enkindle my interest:

  • female artists &
  • the merging of music with the arts &
  • São Paulo City

Leisure Time

Meeting & greeting & being nice

I somehow feel very enthusiastic about it.

I usually tend to keep to myself, you see

The Artist is Present

There is a clear recognition from the practicing artists, that celebrity is a power in society. There is religious-spiritual power. There is economic power. There is political power. And there is the power of the media. Artists deal with this, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, but it’s a statement.

But do you see the difference, Marina? You had to be the subject, the driver, the pilot, the author and you became the object; it’s a huge change. That perhaps is the description of what celebrity is: the balance between being a subject and an object.