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It is hard to persevere through times of doubt when one is being pulled back

In focus may lie the answer


Though speaking can so easily enervate,

And chosen silence exert most fascinating influence,

Though voluntary muteness may be gracious,

Wording feelings is still pivotal.

All drawings by Brazilian artist Raquel Schembri.

New week with Yuksek

So a new (and busy) week begins.

And to accompany it, great music:

Amidst the tornado of cheap pop, Yuksek is a breeze of fresh beats.


So much to do and quite a lot of energy to do it.

Orchestrating things in an orderly fashion.

Renewing ideas from a humble perspective.

All images by Laurence Owen.


I’ve got to start going out a bit more.

I’ve been much too reclusive.

I’m beginning to feel the need to see new faces, new trends, new movements.

Images from Ffffound and Homotography.


Being heartbroken is denying the impact of having much too high expectations.

How self-centered.

Illustration by Allyson Mellberg.


When one’s mind begins to wander too much, there’s nothing like a task or a chore or a project to determine what’s important and what is irrelevant.

The words:

Let us not lose the glimmer of life, then.