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Meeting beauty

While in São Paulo, I met Marlon Teixeira.

He’s sweet, shy and funny.

I’m in heaven.

(video: Marlon and Jamie Wise  directed by Nicolas Valois for Soon International)


No fear of color

One of the most characteristic features of Brazilian art and design is its unafraid use of colors. People in Brazil thrive best in colorful surroundings and some people do it really, really well.

A young talent who’s been making wakes in the illustration, web design and fashion worlds is Belo Horizonte-born Albino Papa. Talented as he is resourceful, his latest works for the fashion industry have got him a lot of attention and lots of interested and interesting clients.

For the São Paulo Fashion Week website

A true virtuoso.

Refreshing fashion news

Continuing the series of posts on Brazil, the time has come to talk about Brazilian fashion. Indeed.

After years of boredom and endless in-your-face design copying, Brazilian stylists have finally discovered that they can create something innovative, beautiful and appropriate for the country’s friendly weather.

The cherry on this year’s São Paulo Fashion Week‘s cake is Osklen. This is a brand that started out focusing  on beach-wear and which has, in the recent years, turned to high fashion applied to small clothes. How refreshing.

Carnaval-inspired coolness by Osklen

Carnaval-inspired coolness by Osklen

It was amazing to see that the brand was able to transform something so absurdly colorful as carnaval into something so tasteful as this year’s designs.

Menswear by Osklen

Menswear by Osklen

Glitter, crystals and tulle were used in a cleverly combined way so as to avoid excesses due to carnaval influence. Beautifully tailored shorts, transparent t-shirts and minimalistic sneakers were the highlights of the show.

Brazil has all the tools and creative minds needed to come up with a tropical version of chic. Just wait and see.