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The age of a habit is not determined by the speed of its death.
It is the availability of new interests that cause its decay.
And interests can emerge, be reborn and die again.


Happy Wound

You didn’t see my valentine
I sent it via pantomime
While you were watching someone else
I stared at you and cut myself
That’s all I’ll do cause I’m not free
A fugitive too dull to flee


The old and the recent, the new and the seen are mingling at present
Let us hope the outcome will regard the seldom said but permently felt


If I’m butter, if I’m butter
If I’m butter then he’s a hot knife


Phase 01 of the project of a new life is almost complete



When silence is self-imposed, it enriches illusions and cleanses sullen thoughts, whilst its infliction by others causes anger to pass but an insisting deception to grow.


Will our solitariness ever lift, or is the life of the mind its own reward?

J.M. COETZEE, Youth.

The Exercise

Dam-like, water force
Opposing impulses I know so well
A pound lock, rising rivulets
Fighting to emerge from my own dwell


Thoughts of being nothing without my expectations and dreams have been here, within
But I am me, with the insides out, a bit real, still me
What scares and threatens may as well liberate
Through anger and ache, from past to fate


The problem with yearning for something
Is that one day you might get it
Or leave it

Letting go of something can be just as painful
As holding on to something going wrong

The Thread

Frustration becomes foolishness which becomes lust which turns into recklessness which creates shame which becomes sorrow which becomes anger which turns into attack.

Whose consequences are still to be pondered.


When you least expect it, neurosis creeps its way back into one’s mind.

Never truly gone, rather momentarily asleep, one’s hung-ups are always waiting for the right time to present themselves.

Is this a gift to be received or kindly returned or pushed back?

A search for brightness.


If I were to encounter a magic being or object who/which would grant me three self-directed wishes (so as to avoid the temptation of saving the world), they would be:

1. To be  widely more sponteneous

2. To be far less judgemental

3. To have way thicker hair

A man does not live only of grand ideals.


expectations * forventninger * expectativas * aşteptări * erwartungen * aspettative * utsikter * vonir * espérances * ожидания * nadzieje * תקוות *

expectations * forventninger * expectativas * aşteptări * erwartungen * aspettative * utsikter * vonir * espérances * ожидания * nadzieje * תקוות *

expectations * forventninger * expectativas * aşteptări * erwartungen * aspettative * utsikter * vonir * espérances * ожидания * nadzieje * תקוות *

Sometimes the path of repetion is one of expression. Some thoughts and ideas need to be worn out so they be worn off.



Trial & error: a definition of life.

Awaiting, expecting, hoping, waiting.

Once it’s done, it’s best to look back.

Hold your breath; it falls apart.

Then you start again.


Images by Berlin-based Slawomir Elsner.