Monthly Archives: January 2011

Taming thoughts

What is the best strategy, to block a thought or to let it flow?

Letting it control you or controlling it so you can live your life?

Pictures by the gifted Canadian photographer Matthew Koudys.


Revert the lyrics and my feelings and hopes will become transparent:

Dan Black is a British act so fun it’s hard to resist.


I simply adore when artists join forces with other creative minds.

A great pleasure of mine is to pay attention, and sometimes even collect, flyers for art exhibitions.

A combination of the artist’s work with the talent of graphic designers, these pieces of paper are very often an artwork in their own.

Luckily, the insightful and inspiring 01 magazine has selected some of these for us. Here’s a sample of the ones I most liked:

What a great way to entice the audience.


As Icelandic artist Hrafnkell Sigurðsson knows very well, surfaces can be deceiving.

But it is astonishing to go beyond them.

Easily confused

Can (homo)sexuality and religion ever be combined?

A Beauty from Brazil meets a great artist from Argentina.

Daniel Wollmer and León Ferrari.

Conclusions can be drawn freely.

But let us not be narrow-minded.



The circumstances surrounding my life at the moment made me recall a scene from this video:

I can’t get it off of my mind.

Let it speak to you as well.

Take it easy

A lesson to be learned.

In the near future, preferably.