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Taming thoughts

What is the best strategy, to block a thought or to let it flow?

Letting it control you or controlling it so you can live your life?

Pictures by the gifted Canadian photographer Matthew Koudys.


Revert the lyrics and my feelings and hopes will become transparent:

Dan Black is a British act so fun it’s hard to resist.


I simply adore when artists join forces with other creative minds.

A great pleasure of mine is to pay attention, and sometimes even collect, flyers for art exhibitions.

A combination of the artist’s work with the talent of graphic designers, these pieces of paper are very often an artwork in their own.

Luckily, the insightful and inspiring 01 magazine has selected some of these for us. Here’s a sample of the ones I most liked:

What a great way to entice the audience.


As Icelandic artist Hrafnkell Sigurðsson knows very well, surfaces can be deceiving.

But it is astonishing to go beyond them.

Easily confused

Can (homo)sexuality and religion ever be combined?

A Beauty from Brazil meets a great artist from Argentina.

Daniel Wollmer and León Ferrari.

Conclusions can be drawn freely.

But let us not be narrow-minded.



The circumstances surrounding my life at the moment made me recall a scene from this video:

I can’t get it off of my mind.

Let it speak to you as well.

Take it easy

A lesson to be learned.

In the near future, preferably.

Crazy again today

I’m officially crazy.

I cannot believe the tricks my mind and ideas play on me. Why can’t I just relax and take people as they come?

A song comes to mind:

I’ve got to fold because these hands are too shaky to hold

Words, words and PJ

A little more politically-focused, PJ Harvey is back with another video directed by Seamus Murphy,

The Words That Maketh Murder

In trying to combine heavy-felt lyrics with upbeat music, PJ has yet again won me over.


Separating one’s inner weaknesses from real-life challenges is daring.

But as days go by, things get easier.

One just has to keep that in mind.

Calm down

I am overwhelmingly busy these days and music has been my sought refuge during the breaks I allow myself to have.

Canadian indie rock band Metric is my choice for the week.

Emily Haines‘ soothing voice. is the perfect axiolytic for a restless mind.

Music is my hospital.

A great soundtrack for daily wars.


Jorge Macchi is one of my favorite Argentinian contemporary artists:

His intricate combined use of light, reflections and human objects always fascinates me.

I don’t mean to repeat myself, but I just love the feeling of renewal this beginning of new year has brought me.

New lights, new perspectives, new lines to be written.


A state depicted.

The line between hard and soft is sometimes nothing but a fine thread.

Two Moods for Monday

Last weekend was nothing but intense. Crazy cocktail parties hosted by my roommate followed by a whole day devoted to finding the right music to play at a nightclub.

Yes, I’m also a DJ.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am completely won over by American rhythm virtuoso Janelle Monáe. Her second record, The ArchAndroid is remarkable in the sense that each and every song is an entire musical universe in its own.

Although Tightrope is one of the most delightful hits in the album, there is another song that I really like, Cold War:

Given my extensive music video memory, I couldn’t help but think of a similarly structured video with equally strong lyrics and yet a totally different mood to it, Sinéad O’Connor‘s 1990 version of Nothing Compares 2U:

Many were those brought to tears by this video and it is no wonder, emotions flow abundantly in this beautifully sung song.

Pick your mood and enjoy.


Many people write me asking questions about who I am and what I do and etc. The reason why I almost never write about something specific related to myself is that what I write is a reflection of me. I am my writings.

The urge people feel to put me in a box shouldn’t – the way I see it, be more important than the things I like to highlight in this space.

Nonetheless, things change.

I came across the famous Proust Questionnaire very recently and I was amazed by its depth. This set of questions was answered by the French novelist when he was quite young and it has since become a reputed way of looking into someone’s inner self.

I shall thus answer some of the questions in the next few days.

To begin:

Your idea of happiness: complete freedom and independence to choose, yet simultaneously having been chosen by those I love.

Your idea of misery: a situation in which I’m forced to do something against my personal principles.

If not yourself, who would you be? Someone who could be easy-going and carefree without being careless.

Where would you like to live? In a place where I could have all my friends and which would be a combination of intense cultural life and warmth in people’s relationships. Unfortunately, there is no such place.


Emotional Landscapes

More to come.