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False nostalgia

A chance to propel a new imaginary childhood:

Induced by the lastest video by the ever so touching Memoryhouse

Roller coaster

pLeased, delighted, cOntent, contented, thrilled, glad, blessed, blest, sunny, cheerful, jolly, merry, ecstatic, gratified, jubilant, joyous, eLated, OVErjoyed, blissful, rapt, blithe, contented, blessed, blest, joyful, blissful

LOw, sad, depressed, sorry, grieVEd, unhappy, miserable, gloomy, discontented, sombre, forLOrn, displeased, mournful, despondent, sorrowful, joyless, down, low, blue, gLOomy, dismal, melancholic, sombre, glum, wistful, mournful, dejected, downcast, grief-stricken, tearful, LugubriOus, pensiVE, disconsoLate, dOleful, heaVy-hEarted, cheerless, lachrymose, woebegone

uneasy, conceRnEd, worried, JittEry, troubled, upset, Careful, wired, nervous, disTurbed, dIstressed, uncOmfortable, teNse, fearful, unsettled, restless, neurotic, agitated, taut, disquieted, apprehensive, edgy, watchful, perturbed, twitchy, overwrought, fretful, unquiet

And back to the start again.


Body – Heart – Mind
Which one of these three
Will definitely win the fight?

Have a nice weekend.


Emotional ins and outs, ups and downs, aboves and beyonds, throughs and bys, withins and withouts, backwards and forwards, likes and unlikes never seem to make me learn a thing.

It’s ongoing


One can never really assess the depth or the full consequences of having been a lonely child. If all ends well, at least three behaviors can be identified:

1. An adult with a richer inner world than a real life.
2. A person with an acute, self-based perception of others’ feelings.
3. One who sees proximity as a threat to one’s individuality.

These can be all present and intertwined, and procrastination is a common hint of the lonely-child syndrome.


That and an unshakeable taste for some time alone.

Box Of Feelings: Assignment #2

The time has come for us to deal with yet another heavy emotion: anger.

The purpose of this second assignment is to allow us feel the anger, and then try to get to a place where it will no longer take so much space. Hopefully.


Assignment#2: Gather as much paper material as you can (books, sheets, letters, anything) and place it in the middle of an empty, mostly clean room. Then, tear as much paper apart as you can, while grunting/shouting and thinking angry thoughts.


If you want to participate in the project, take a picture of whatever is left from your angry tearing and send it to






a) We’ll never change the world, no.
b) After the night, when I wake up, I’ll see what tomorrow brings.
c) Is it amnesia mistaken for magic?

The Thread

Frustration becomes foolishness which becomes lust which turns into recklessness which creates shame which becomes sorrow which becomes anger which turns into attack.

Whose consequences are still to be pondered.


So many years of living imaginary scenarios,
resorting to indoor illusions,
finding relief in dreaming,
shunning suffering through fiction
make the intake of realness too hard to inhale.

But letting go is learning, bending is rebirth.
I’m leaving internal royalty to live reality.


I’m creeping out of crumbling ideals and trying to create something hopeful.
Like music, like beauty.

My newest melodic solace: Citizens!

Don’t let your blood run cold


finding light in life
fighting fires in the mind

siding with the might of night
biting pride to survive


Tilda Swinton is an icon, both as an actor and performer and as a transcendental androgynous beauty.

I have come across this video and couldn’t help but become mesmerized by its simple yet stunning aesthetics. Not to mention the words, so listen carefully.

The Armor

When emotions pave the path for frustration
Right and wrong writhe the will of the strong
Expectations are the fruit of illusion
And hinder the way to be gone

From the meek, the gentle and humble
Mulishness will give in and then fall
What’s sincere will remain and make crumble
Even the saddest, thickest of walls


Thoughts that run and cannot be caught
Running ideas that may melt the pot
Melting brains of wrong wars fought

To clear, to struggle
To battle; for what?

Hail to M.I.A.

M.I.A. is the only popular artist out there who is political and fun simultaneously.

I know of no other persona who has so shrewdly inserted Arab aesthetics and culture into mainstream pop without becoming tiresome.

Fighting prejudice can be really interesting.