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When you love so long
That the thrill is gone
And your kisses at night
Are replaced with my tears

Lyrics by Bat For Lashes,

Picture by João Viegas


they say for every high

there must a low low

for every sun ascending

a lonesome moon will grow grow


And when will Natasha Khan release a new Bat For Lashes record?

I’m in most desperate need of strengthening and inspiring words.


My past two weeks have been nothing but intense.

Firstly, the delights of friends’ companionship made me want to move cities to be close to those nearest to my heart but farthest from my home.

Then, it was a week of intensive intellectual stimulation. Becoming knowledgeable has never been an easy task.

Amidst it all, my own thoughts and impressions almost made me make one same mistake again. How easy it is to fool oneself guided by positive feelings, that’s all I can say.

Being short for words, as always I resort to music to fill in the sentimental spaces my experiences bring about.

The dream of love is indeed a two-hearted dream.

Indie music for sensual sex

It has been known since the invention of the first bone flute by the cavemen that music is a great addition to sex. It can make one go faster, slower, get in the mood and of course fake a headache using the loud noise as an excuse for avoiding intercourse. I for one prefer songs that make me more aware of all my senses.

With that thought in mind, I searched my I-pod for the best songs to feel more sensual when having sex. Here’s my list:


Here’s the video for Crystalised:

The list is given. If you’re ever having sex with me, you know how to proceed.

daily inspiration: Bat for Lashes

I’ve been listening quite often to Bat for Lashes lately.

She’s got a dark tone to her songs, even when the lyrics talk about something happy.

This is the video that made me like her the first time I saw her:

Then she came up wearing this boxer-inspired outfit in this lovely ethereal song:

I know I have a thing for female singers, but this one really won me over: voice, music (she plays multiple instruments), lyrics and purpose-full outfits. Way to go, Girl.