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Worry Maker

Stage 1: great afflictions saturate the stomach.
Stage 2: the heart empties once the task is completed.
Stage 3: dailiness finally fills the veins.

A find

Fickle and fragile and febrile and foolish
After so many years of self-awareness
Why do innver moves still force the surface out of focus?
Sighing: self-inflicted pain is the only one to let go

Roller coaster

pLeased, delighted, cOntent, contented, thrilled, glad, blessed, blest, sunny, cheerful, jolly, merry, ecstatic, gratified, jubilant, joyous, eLated, OVErjoyed, blissful, rapt, blithe, contented, blessed, blest, joyful, blissful

LOw, sad, depressed, sorry, grieVEd, unhappy, miserable, gloomy, discontented, sombre, forLOrn, displeased, mournful, despondent, sorrowful, joyless, down, low, blue, gLOomy, dismal, melancholic, sombre, glum, wistful, mournful, dejected, downcast, grief-stricken, tearful, LugubriOus, pensiVE, disconsoLate, dOleful, heaVy-hEarted, cheerless, lachrymose, woebegone

uneasy, conceRnEd, worried, JittEry, troubled, upset, Careful, wired, nervous, disTurbed, dIstressed, uncOmfortable, teNse, fearful, unsettled, restless, neurotic, agitated, taut, disquieted, apprehensive, edgy, watchful, perturbed, twitchy, overwrought, fretful, unquiet

And back to the start again.


How does one turn the feeling of being fed-up into something more positive?

How does one turn inertia into forward moving?

And why should I care?


Bravery & Cowardice

I had to break the window

It just had to be, it was in my way

Better that I break the window

Than miss what I should see

Words by Fiona Apple, works by Baptiste Debombourg

Softening toughness

Understanding, demanding, exigent, easy-going

Burdensome, tiresome, reckless, indifferent

Hopeful, expectant, bouyant, optimistic

A dream of combining to be realistic

Crocheted works by remarkable Nathan Vincent.




Ingenious revenge: an illusion

Disquiet trust: the threat

Discomforting thinking: an outcome

All sculptures by Kate Macdowell.