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Isn’t it great when one of your favorite bands produces offspring in one way or another?

A member of the übercool act The xx, the humbly self-entitled Jamie XX has been getting a lot of my attention. A taste:

The project apart from his mother band called We’re New Here is to be released in Feb 2011.

Can’t wait.


Too quick to die

Success needs killing

Let me know the way before there’s hell to pay

Give me room to lay the law and let me go

I am yours now

I’ve been found out

Where would I be

The last list

Is the year over yet? No? So, there’s time for the last list of 2009.

As a music addict, I’ve listened to dozen of bands all along the year. Some of these artists have managed to touch me in one way or the other, for they were part of the soundtrack of my life in 2009 (sound memory forever). And some of those acts launched new albums this year. So, with no more delays, here’s my list of the top 5 albums of 2009:

  1. The xx. The year’s best discovery. Melodic songs, sexy voices, strong bass and heart-warming lyrics. Unforgettable.
  2. Fever Ray. The world’s most luxurious electronic music bathed in feeling, meaning and purpose. A masterpiece.
  3. La Roux. How far can a beautiful voice and lovable synths go? Quite a long way, it seems. Deliciously good.
  4. The Arctic MonkeysHumbug. More mature, more guitars, more melody, more Alex Turner. For all times.
  5. PJ Harvey & John ParishA Man A Woman Walked By. Banjoes, organs, guitars and voice. A breath of fresh rock into one’s ears.

A universe of feelings:

A musical universe:

May all of us have an art-filled and creatively rich 2010, with lots of good music too.

Indie music for sensual sex

It has been known since the invention of the first bone flute by the cavemen that music is a great addition to sex. It can make one go faster, slower, get in the mood and of course fake a headache using the loud noise as an excuse for avoiding intercourse. I for one prefer songs that make me more aware of all my senses.

With that thought in mind, I searched my I-pod for the best songs to feel more sensual when having sex. Here’s my list:


Here’s the video for Crystalised:

The list is given. If you’re ever having sex with me, you know how to proceed.

Musical aspirine

With the weekend approaching I find myself a bit ill. Quite a way to end a fun week, isn’t it? Thank God for painkillers.

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening quite a lot to my newest favorite band, the sensitive and adolescently melodic The xx.

What I love most about them is the subtlety of sounds combined with a great voice duo, the eye-catching, whispery-voiced Oliver Sim (I’ve always had a thing for boys with that cheap look) and lovely Romy Croft.

The best way to cure a headache.