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You know, it’s very hard to be interesting without speaking.

(Paul Morrissey)

Picture by Phyllis Galembo.

Lovely Low-fi

If there is anything that gets me excited other than good music is good music with great visuals.

Meet Laurel Halo:

And do your best to have a creative weekend.

False hope

I used to think that false hope was something bad.

Now I think it spices up one’s life in a splendid delusional way.

Refreshing Austra

Although I do enjoy a bit of pop music, I’m pretty much tired of it when it comes to dancing in a club.

These days I would much rather like to dance to tunes such as this one:

Austra is as refreshing as it is great.

Love the visuals too.

Ingenious Spencer

Male high fashion is something truly rare, I dare say practically nonexistent.

Besides the endless parade of reinventions of the suit, not enough is done so as to provide boys with avant-garde, forward-looking looks. Mind you, I do enjoy a well-tailored suit and conservative wear, but one simply cannot wear it at all times if one wants to dress smartly and interestingly.

And that is precisely why I worship (yes, for it goes much beyond admiration) the work of fashion editor/stylist Robbie Spencer.

I’ve been following his work avidly on the pages of both Dazed & Confused and AnotherMan and he never ceases to surprise and dazzle me:

A master of layering and a gifted expert in accessories, Robbie is always able to put the most exciting and exquisite male looks  together.

What’s most remarkable is Spencer’s ability to come up with outfits that are quite haute couture for menswear, but totally absent of that feminine touch that is often present in such stylings.
He is a genius.

Mind shifts

Shifting mind shapes shouldn’t be as strenuous as it is.

But then it wouldn’t be as interesting and challenging as it is.

And I just love this Miike Snow song because it reminds me of all that.

Break & Make or Fickle States

The remaking of urban landscapes into something deeper or artistic is always appealing to me.

Among Baptiste Debombourg many remarkable pieces, these two struck me the most:

Glass is one of oldest materials used by artists but it still remains a fresh choice, especially when one thinks about all the light changes and possibilities it provides.

The myriad of tiny reflections it creates when broken is a mirror to my fickle thoughts and mind. Or anyone’s, for that matter.