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I’ve never mentioned it here before, but the singer/songwriter/musician whom I most admire in the entire world is Fiona Apple.

Every once in a while I look for information on her on the internet, just so I know I’m keeping in touch with her art in a any way.

To my surprise, I found an interview she gave some time ago about her career, fame and the process of making music. Once again, I was amazed on how sensitive and how wonderfully creative and astonishingly insightful she is when writing her lyrics.

Fiona Apple

Fiona‘s process of writing is very similar to mine in a way. Sometimes, she said, the whole idea for a song comes from a single word she finds fascinating or intriguing in any sense. The way it sounds or its meaning sort inspires her to create a story – a song – about something that she’s feeling at the time.

I love that one thought, that one sole word can give way to a whole universe of meanings and expressions. I cannot express how beautiful and that is to me.

As a tribute to Fiona Apple‘s genius, here’s a video for one of my (many) favorite songs of hers:

Fast As You Can (click to watch it on YouTube)

Taken from her second album, When the Pawn…, it so represents what I feel when I’m in a relationship that it becomes like an inside view of myself.

And although I’m also very sensitive to rhythm, melodies and beats, good lyrics speak straight to my heart.

Lyrics, people, lyrics.

On culture

I have never denied the importance of being shallow, sometimes. It is the most refreshing exercise for an intellectual mind just to be able to stop thinking and enjoy the view.

When it comes to arguments about cultural differences between Brazil and colder countries, here is what I tell people:

Pedro Neschling, a Brazilian

Pedro Neschling, a Brazilian

Talent, beauty and sexiness. What a great definition of the Brazilian soul.

What are your arguments, estrangeiros?

Pour mémoire

The best sentence I have heard in a long, long time:

I cannot be held personally responsible for the problems of my country.

What a crucial thought to bear in mind before firing away stupid questions about cultures and countries.

I promise I will try never to forget it.

Watery is the heart

People from colder countries do tend to have a darker take on life, one that isn’t – or, as I believe, can’t – be shared with people from warmer places with an easier take on life.

After reading a short review of Nicolette Kreibitz’s film “The Heart is a Dark Forest” I couldn’t stop thinking about the choice of the title. I don’t agree that a dark forest is like a heart in any sense. To be honest, the comparison makes very little sense to me personally, though I’m able to see where she came from. How temperate of them.

To me the heart is much more like a deep river cutting through a very bright tropical landscape. Although it is deep and may contain lots of secrets, even if it is murky you can still see through its waters if you look close enough. And like a river, the heart keeps flowing ever changing with its whirlwinds, currents and meanders. Most rivers are welcoming, a refreshing sight in a hot day and, most importantly, they contain life.

So many Europeans and North Americans have such a negative view of life, as if it were so hard, so complex all the time. I don’t think that many people from the southern hemisphere would agree. Many are those who think life is so easy on these pessimists that they create issues to complain about.

It is time the art world focuses on something less whiny and still very dramatic: a southern hemisphere approach to feelings.

Two things I hate, one thing I love

I have no words to express my appreciation for the succintness of lists. What’s more, they are really fun to make.

Following the lead of a(n) (in)famous Brazilian journalist, I hereby cite:

2 Things I hate

  • French anything in restaurants that are not French cuisine (what a silly attempt to make something seem fancier, esp. when there are language mistakes to be found).
  • Snobbish salespeople (since when working for a reknown brand is synonym with being chic?).

1 Thing I love

  • Sipping coffee alone before seeing a movie (there’s nothing better for creating a perfect mindset for absorbing a story).

Let us love, but let us hate a little too. There is no doubt that it is the contrast that makes life fun.

Mea culpa

Just when I begin to be glad about the way I generally behave, something happens that makes me see the ugliest side of myself.

I don’t know why I react so badly when I get disappointed at people I care the most about. I don’t know why I respond so angrily when it happens nor do I know why it takes me so long to realize I shouldn’t have behaved they way I do upon such circumstances

Once again, I’m more than glad to stop and ponder about these matters, in the sincere hopes of being able to change.

To remind myself that I’m not the only one suffering, I always turn to music that deals with such issues. My choice du jour: Antony and the Johnsons:

Although this isn’t an official video, it is still great. Taken from their newest record, The Crying Light, this song is just breath-taking. We are so lucky to have heard Antony’s voice.

Even I get emotional sometimes.