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I’ve expressed my admiration for Fefe Talavera‘s work before. The care with which she draws her beautifully imaginative monsters is a wonder in its own.

I recently went to one of her exhibitions and was taken aback by her wall, graffiti-like artwork.

She’s recently turned to brighter colors and slightly simpler strokes, somewhat different from the picture above (check her page for a closer look). Both approaches are equally pleasing.

Now I don’t know if I travel Rio or if I buy one of her paintings.

Artistic or sensory pleasure?

To daze or to be confused

Some days we get so confused we don’t know where our minds are. That happens to me at least once a week.

Isn’t it a relief to find out more people feel just like we do?

At moments like this, music that isn’t easily digested helps a lot. Here’s some Dimlite (how appropriate):

And this is an illustration by Brazilian virtuoso Kako:

Sometimes, but not very often, it is good to realize things aren’t exactly what we thought or expected them to be.

Monster beauty

I said recently that there is usually something homely in art produced by women. Evidently, that is not always the case.

Since I am in a constant fight to break stereotypes, there is a Brazilian painter and illustrator who does it very gracefully, Fefe Talavera:

Depicting emotions using monsters is something she does very well too. I’ve kept up with her blog for some time now and it is always surprising to see what forms and shapes will be presented in the next image.

Drawing inspiration from street art, indigenous paintings and European masters, Talavera creates cartoon-like characters who seem full of personality and presence in the way they represent subconscious emotions.

There is definitely beauty in ugly feelings.

To have me

Illustrations always have a way to my heart. I appreciate their simplicity as a refined tool for their straight-forwardness.

If done using fine lines and a touch of color, they really have me.

Talking about illustrators who speak to my heart, it is impossible not to mention Patricia Caetano, another Belo Horizonte-based talent.

A tribute to luxurious drawings

With a taste for girlie things from a mature point of view, Patricia knows how to use lines and paper in favor of a happier and funnier existence.