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Je joue à me faire peur, comme un enfant (comme un enfant)
Je pense tout et son contraire, comme un enfant (comme un enfant)
Je danse, j’ai le coeur à l’envers, comme un enfant (comme un enfant)

Destruction, like construction, is a human expression and a paradox of life because it is can be both good and evil. My personal point of view is that destruction is inevitably linked to repair.

Baptiste Debombourg

Lyrics by Yelle

Bravery & Cowardice

I had to break the window

It just had to be, it was in my way

Better that I break the window

Than miss what I should see

Words by Fiona Apple, works by Baptiste Debombourg

Break & Make or Fickle States

The remaking of urban landscapes into something deeper or artistic is always appealing to me.

Among Baptiste Debombourg many remarkable pieces, these two struck me the most:

Glass is one of oldest materials used by artists but it still remains a fresh choice, especially when one thinks about all the light changes and possibilities it provides.

The myriad of tiny reflections it creates when broken is a mirror to my fickle thoughts and mind. Or anyone’s, for that matter.