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To gay teens

This video came to my attention through a series of links connected to the horrible displays of homophobia that took place in Belgrade, Serbia during a gay pride event.

As they guys sum up, adolescence can an incredibly tragic, sorry and diminishing time for a young gay person – it was unquestionably the worst time of my life, but it DOES get better:

It takes a lot of courage, a lot of personal strength and an enormous amount of drive to be able to pull through all the hardships a gay teen encounters in his/her daily life, but it is possible.

There are certainly no formulas and there are obviously different outcomes (some happier, others a bit harder), but the message American writer Dan Savage, his partner Terry and myself would like to send is that you are not alone.

Just hang in there the best you can. Wonderful things lie ahead of you.

Maturing ideas

The rise of teenage power of influence  has drawn my attention for quite some time now. Art after art, young people under the age of twenty have been conquering new territories and making waves as well as their voices heard in the past few years. Their ideas and views of the world, albeit undoubtedly fresh, have yet to prove their force. Do they really deserve so much interest?

If they are like 20-year-old Xavier Nolan‘s I Killed My Mother film, the answer is a resounding yes.

Written at the age of 16, the script is a painstakingly rich depiction of a young man’s suffocating relationship with a confused single mother. Xavier is not only the brilliant writer but also the outstanding actor and promising director of this truly emotional story.

The 2009 much awarded film was followed by another tale of dangerously close relationships, this year’s Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats):

Nolan’s films achieve the unexpected success of portraying the unclear depth of youth in a sophisticated yet simple way.

But do all manifestations of adolescence deserve equal credit?

Well, much like teenagers’ own lives, the final answer as to whether the attention is indeed generally merited is a very decided maybe.


Writing daily reports in a diary-like style (notice that I don’t want to restrain the way to do it) has two major advantages:

  1. it helps clear one’s mind;
  2. it is a great material for endless laughing years later.

When I first found my teenage diaries, I was really afraid they would make me feel sad given the fact that I went through a lot at the time. Loneliness, friendlessness and lack of chances to be with a guy were some of my main concerns back then.

But then, to my surprise, I was greatly amused by my own thoughts. I was astonishingly mature for my own age. An excerpt from my 15-year-old self:

I see no fun in going to straight places anymore. There is nothing for me there and they won’t solve my biggest problem: finally kissing a guy. What I need to do is find the address of a gay club and go there. I’d be much better off there than trying to fit in where I obviously do not belong.

My decisiveness was unmistakable even back in those days.

But I am mostly glad to see that throughout the years I was able to make incredibly loyal and loving friends. I cherish my friends so much there are no words to describe my love for them.

Instead, I choose to post a song by Antony and the Johnsons from their upcoming new album, Swanlights, to be released in mid October.

What I like most about it is that it was made using images shot by Antony Hegarty himself upon his arrival in NYC in the early 90’s.

Thank you for your love, my friends.

Teenage angst

Working with teenagers is both fascinating and highly exhaustive, sometimes simultaneously.

I often choose to work with them, be it for later to regret or to rejoice. Sometimes they really awaken the darkest hate instincts in me – I can quite loathe them – but very often they astound me with their opinions and free views on life.

Today I had to put up with one boy who’s soon to be elected the city’s most adolescently annoying teen, with honors. Defying authority, trying to shock or just plainly playing stupid, he really got on my nerves.

Luckily, right afterwards, I met some of the coolest teens I’ve been dealing with lately and they even managed to surprise me. What a relief.

In the spirit of my fashion-obsessed week, here’s another adolescent-looking model who’s caught my attention:

Angus Whitehead, a teenager mirage

Angus Whitehead, a teenager mirage

If only all were like this one, at least our eyes would be given a rest.