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They say gay people are narcisistic.

They say gay people are shallow.

They say gay people worry too much about looks.

They say gay people think too much about sex.

And you know what? It is true; but what a lovely, refreshing break from real life.

Meet Marcos & Márcio Patriota, two twin beauties from B and understand why it is not that bad, at all, to appreciate it:

A brief teaser of the upcoming issue of Made in Brazil Magazine.

What a break from yesterday’s seriousness, isn’t it?

Mixed Blessing

PJ Harvey is a person I so deeply admire she’s become something beyond a mere idol: she is just pure inspiration.

Not only is she an outstanding musician, but her words and lyric-writing speak right into me.

This excerpt of a Dazed interview one of the reasons why:

D&C: You once said in Dazed & Confused, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel so deeply. I wish I could let things ride a bit more.” Do you still feel that way?

PJ Harvey: As an artist, no matter what field of work you’re in or medium, you have to feel things deeply in order to then process that and turn it around and put it out someway in whatever art form you are using. So it’s a mixed blessing. Obviously, you need to be extremely sensitive as a person in order to absorb all of these feelings and in order to process them and that has its downsides. It can be extremely draining, but at the same time if I didn’t have those qualities myself, if I wasn’t able to feel these things on a very deep level, I couldn’t write about them and I feel very lucky to be able to do the work I do and I really enjoy doing it.

If I may dare to say so, I make her words mine.

And as a treat, here’s the last of the short films/music videos done by Seamus Murphy for PJ‘s Let England Shake. It is one of my favorite songs, too:

With hearts that threatened to pop their boxes.


I am not the only one of my circle to be a firm supporter of talented collaboration.

Three of my friends joined forces to produce this lovely video:

Anna Boogie took the iniciative to show her herself  the new  jewelry collection in a video directed by Gianfranco Briceño with styling by Rodrigo Polack.

And I absolutely love Little Room, the song by The White Stripes.








I’m flabbergasted.

Ryan Trecartin, one of my biggest idols, is more normal than he could bear.

Is there a way I can admire him more?

The reason lies in his own words. An excerpt of this 2010 interview:

Do you have a type?
This might sound corny, but I like energetic smiles. I like it when someone’s smile is overwhelming, so when they decide to laugh you get excited and just feel them.


Both ways open jaws
Waiting for me to drop off
Both ways open jaws
In a second I let go


Words by The Dø,

art by Richard Pearse


Words don’t stand for anything.

Even the most cogent and pithiest ones leave room for wild interpretation.

And therein lies their beauty.


Soon I’ll have the courage to leave all my thoughts behind

I’ll give back all the knowledge

And keep all the wisdom precious in my mind

Words by Massive Attack


Being mentally busy sometimes takes more life space than having a surfeit of things to do.

A conceptual reality more challenging than the real world.

How arduous it is be sane.


I have always been a keen defender of artistic collaboration.

Why do something individually when there is so much strength in combining?

I only recently had the chance to see this short film by Jason Bradbury for Norwegian designer Harold Lunde Helgesen (HLH), but it is stunning:

The aesthetic fluidity of this short film is just breath-taking.

And just to dive into one’s mindset (always a great exercise), here’s the ghostly beautiful We Once Were Tide, also by Bradbury:

Collaboration disseminates talent.



or that:

Or both in a lover’s sanctuary?

No free time this weekend.


I would love to be transported into the world depicted in this video:

Only surrounded by fewer people. Ok, most preferably by no one.

Lovely new record by Real Estate; nice video by Weird Days.


Seclusion or isolation

Soothing temptation

Alone amongst others

Other answers possible

Art work by Leonardo Drew


Revolving & relooking

Twirling & swerving & weaving




One day, in the very near future, these three movies will become part of my life:

Miranda July‘s The Future

Mike MillsBeginners

Xavier Dolan‘s Les Amours Imaginaires

Although I’m very aware of the disruptive powers of expectation, I am very confident in my liking.