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I’m flabbergasted.

Ryan Trecartin, one of my biggest idols, is more normal than he could bear.

Is there a way I can admire him more?

The reason lies in his own words. An excerpt of this 2010 interview:

Do you have a type?
This might sound corny, but I like energetic smiles. I like it when someone’s smile is overwhelming, so when they decide to laugh you get excited and just feel them.


In a time when easy beauty rules, what a refreshing break to be regaled with weirdness.

And video art by Ryan Trecartin.


Video art isn’t generally the kind of artistic means that gets my attention. So, when a piece does attract my liking, it is because it is outstanding.

Ryan Trecartin is one such brilliant artist:

What strikes me the most about his pieces are the way he creates his videos: a script written poetry-like, to which the first-time actors have no access but are told how to feel upon acting directly to the camera.

The bits on YouTube are part of a larger motion picture, which is theoretically meant to be shown on movie theaters. Trecartin is fond of showing them this way, though, for they get immediate response.