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I haven’t been very keen on writing about the arts lately, but I know I should. The only one that has been taking my time is literature, but of the scientific type. Soon I’ll be free to explore this world a little more.

For the moment I can only recommend attention to the work of two young Brazilian artists, rare painters in this sculpture-loving land:

João Maciel and Rodrigo Mogiz.

Maciel's and Mogiz's work side by side

While the first one is deeply concerned with street art and graffiti-like representations of urban life and violence, the second chooses the female form and color subtleties as his main subjects. A truly great contrast.

The colorfulness of João Maciel‘s expressive views of modern life move me far more than Mogiz‘s, but by combining the both one gets a truthful glimpse of what Brazilian city life can be, with all its extremes.

If you are in Belo Horizonte, checking their exhibition at Belizário Art Gallery is a must.

Less on clichés

People questioned me on my views on Mario Testino‘s new book. Just so everyone knows:

I don’t dislike Testino, I actually think he’s very nice, a nice person.

I don’t dislike Rio, I actually think it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I don’t dislike hot people, I actually need to have a look at beauty to strengthen my resolve sometimes.

The usual view of Rio

What I do dislike, though, is cliché. Rio has so exhaustively been shown as the land of the sexy that it just bores me to be faced with yet another batch of its people sexiness.

I truly expected more from MaRio de Janeiro Testino.

As Miranda Pristley once said: My God, I live on hope. On hope for novelty.

Scorching heat on the table

My French neighbors are currently on a visit here in the country. It was more than lovely to see them again and I especially appreciated the fact that we more than once got drunk with plenty of caipirinhas during lunch.

We had a nice time here in the city, but then they had to continue the tour while I had to stay and study and work. They are now exploring Rio.

Mario's Rio

Although I love the city and its magic, I’m not so fond of the people there. They are so open and so outgoing it almost shocks me. Yes, they do have a reputation for being hot, but we know how it usually goes: the prettier and hotter, the dumber and shallower (forgive me for the cliché).

Following the same train of thought, I’ve recently taken a look at Mario Testino‘s new photography book, MaRio de Janeiro Testino (Taschen, 2009). Although it’s really nice to look at the pictures and to notice and enjoy the view of those people’s sexiness, that’s about where it ends, just it where it begins.

Of course I love beauty, but there’s got to be more.

For everyone who does not care about this, just have fun and display this one much-too-shown side of the city in a nice little spot on your coffee table.

A blond beauty from B

Getting my mind off complicated theorical issues can be quite easy, as long as I’ve got something more interesting to pay attention to.

In my crusade against clichés, I hereby show the world just a little bit of the diversity of looks we get in this enormously varied country of ours.


Rodrigo Calazans


Among other types of ethnicities, I’d like to emphasize that we also have blonds here. And they are beautiful too.

Time to relax


Wait and see

Life-changing events are about to take place.

More on that later.


My mind at full speed

So help me divine creatures.


Dreamy job offer

I was recently offered a managerial position within my company. The proposed salary was quite interesting and the amount of power I would have was tempting. And besides, the promotion would look very good on my CV. I turned it down.

Although interesting, this kind of work so closely tied to office obligations, time constraints and to being “the boss” is just not for me.

I told my boss that if I accepted it, I would probably just slowly die due to monthly-report-writing complications. It would – and I’m positive about this, bore me to death.

I’d much rather work with something that would bring about creativity and inspiration; something that can motivate me to contribute with something truly valuable to the world (according to my views, of course).

This is the sort of work imagery that fills my dreams about my dream work:

Lovely pop music (this Swedish duo is so sweetly pretentious), headpieces by Keko Hainswheeler, gold clothes by Les Hommes, designer boots, flowers and a piano.

If only she had offered me that.

Brazilian heat: beauty from B

It’s been so hot in here lately it’s making me lose my senses.

Losing one’s senses usually means that one becomes subject to one’s desires and most primitive impulses.

Which brings us back to sex. Which brings us to Diego Fragoso, a delight:


Diego Fragoso



No wonder people say they are hot when they are sexually excited. And that is why, my friends, people say Brazilians are so hot in bed, in both senses.