Daily Archives: 15/11/2009

Corruption Museum

Everyone who knows even just a little about Brazilian history is quite aware of the fact that corruption is an endemic and painfully present issue in this society.

It is so deeply rooted in so many aspects of everyday life that most Brazilians feel they


are almost incapable of doing anything to fight it. Demonstrations, marches, press coverage and the works have been tried and little result is to be seen.

Then, in a spark of tremendously positive creativity, a group of journalists united with a top team of architects and designers to develop the Corruption Museum Project.

The online museum exhibits corruption scandals and corrupt politicians as if they were pieces shown in museum galleries and, just as in a real museum, they are there to constantly remind Brazilian people of their representants’ dirty histories.

It is supposed to be but a virtual space, but more and more people have been talking about actually building the space. I stand by it 200%.

The museum is the best idea I’ve heard about in ages. Time to change.