Daily Archives: 19/11/2009

Dreamy job offer

I was recently offered a managerial position within my company. The proposed salary was quite interesting and the amount of power I would have was tempting. And besides, the promotion would look very good on my CV. I turned it down.

Although interesting, this kind of work so closely tied to office obligations, time constraints and to being “the boss” is just not for me.

I told my boss that if I accepted it, I would probably just slowly die due to monthly-report-writing complications. It would – and I’m positive about this, bore me to death.

I’d much rather work with something that would bring about creativity and inspiration; something that can motivate me to contribute with something truly valuable to the world (according to my views, of course).

This is the sort of work imagery that fills my dreams about my dream work:

Lovely pop music (this Swedish duo is so sweetly pretentious), headpieces by Keko Hainswheeler, gold clothes by Les Hommes, designer boots, flowers and a piano.

If only she had offered me that.