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Let Pop IN

Although I am very much into unusual, surprisingly complex melodies and charged lyrics, I do have quite a taste for pop music.

The reasons for this are manifold: it’s joyful, it’s sticky, it’s unpretentious. Who can resist?

So, to put aside any prejudices guided by intellectual choices, here are some of my all-time favorite videos for pop music:

Besides being a great song, the video for Vogue is full of references to fashion, film and photography icons AND it has great choreography.

Telephone is an instant classic. It has a story, great moves, outrageous outfits and it is plain bold. Love it, love it, love it.

I basically love everything Michel Gondry sets his mind to do, but this video Come Into My World is even greater, for it shows that great geniuses can join big sellers and still be challenging.

One of the first videos to use supermodels, Freedom 90 has always made me wanna hit the dancefloor and just be happy and carefree.

For its simplicity, its beauty, its dance, Single Ladies is one of the top pop videos of the solar system. Unparalleled.

Let your armor down and let pop sink in.

Justin is the best male pop performer of all time. And he’s cool, stylish and really good looking in an un-obvious way.

More inspiration for 2010

The new year has started and with it my ever so present need to find the appropriate clothes and accessories for true expression is yet again pressing.

Given the scortching heat one has to endure at this time of year here in the southern hemisphere, the best choice for an interesting look has got to be accessorizing oneself.

Ever since I caught eyes on his work, I immediately fell in love with Keko Hainswheeler‘s headpieces, masks and all the rest.

He’s been working quite frequently creating masks and the works for Lady Gaga, including the ones seen in the amazing visually rich video for Bad Romance.

Daily dose of expression

I continue dreaming of a world full of magical looks and boundless ways to express one’s personality without (much) judgement.

Having said that, I cannot help but state here my admiration for Lady Gaga‘s visual input. It is undeniably a part of her performance on has got to pay attention to.

Sex sells: living with Lady Gaga

It is just humanly impossible to ignore Lady Gaga. She is so present in everybody’s lives it feels like we’re actually living with her.

The worst part: I actually like the woman. Who can look at those insanely outrageous outfits and not laugh just a little? She can always get a smile from me.

And although I’m quite weary of the overexposure of sex (done ad nauseam), I can’t deny the appeal it has.

Also, I just love the fact that she tries so hard to hide the fact that that’s all a character, all thought of and truly funny and amusing. I would love to see her when she wakes up, or after a shower. Where would Gaga go?



Down the drain, probably. Love ya, Girl!