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I’m in love with Breton‘s music:


And I don’t wanna break your heart
No I don’t wanna break your heart
True love is much like a force, love
It’s never enough, never enough, never enough

Unless You Speak From Your Heart




Film-like; no reason

Most lovable: Pegase

Half asleep, wide Awake

School of Seven Bells





Lotus Plaza




First person singular

There was something in the bass you gave me
I was losing all my self control
I can see that I was acting crazy

Didn’t I tell you, didn’t I tell, you didn’t I tell you?
Not to be so kind to me

I want to live in this melody.

False nostalgia

A chance to propel a new imaginary childhood:

Induced by the lastest video by the ever so touching Memoryhouse


When feeling trapped, releasing the heat can work as salvation.

Up Beat

Dont’ know if I like the visuals;
Don’t know if I like the voice;
Don’t know if I like the lyrics;

But I love the result

It’s Jenocide!

To let things happen within.

Leisure Time

Meeting & greeting & being nice

I somehow feel very enthusiastic about it.

I usually tend to keep to myself, you see


Don’t be seduced until you know my truths

I’m obsessed with Planningtorock‘s album W.


I know my feelings

Crawling out of my fillings

-A thread is cut –

-To mend is to alleviate –

But how mendacious is mitigating?

Music & lyrics by Planningtorock,

abstract pictures by Wolfgang Tillmans


Why give it all on you
You shot a hole in my mind straight through
When you pushed me aside, three days I cried

And now everything goes my way
And now everything goes my way

But then again, it doesn’t.

Metronomy‘s The English Reviera is my favorite album of 2011.


How to Dress Well always provides a wealth of sensations:

Let it flow.