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Focus on fun

In less than a week I’ll be heading south to one of Brazil’s creative hubs.

Coincidently, last Friday, one of my most beloved acts from that region came to town for a one-night performance at one of my favorite clubs (lots of favorites, as you can see). The genius Bo$$ in Drama:

I know this is a rather cheap DYI silly video, but what’s important is getting the taste.

And it’s great.

Black & color

My mouth is dry, my eyes are hungry. Thus,

Let a new week begin.

Mr Badmouth

No kind words are

coming out of your mouth

Plenty goes in

but nothing good ever comes out

Sad mouth, bad mouth

u were an unhappy child

That doesn’t make your

lying tongue alright

Wash it out / Wash it out / Wash it out

Casual Thursday

Strong images, enticing music, great song:

It’s almost Friday.


Yesterday, this really sweet shy and nerdy guy I know who has just come out was kissing another guy at the university cafeteria. I was so touched by the fact that one can finally do this without fear of being bullied that I just felt I had to share my joy about it here.

On the other hand, I know it is sometimes a long journey before we can have the freedom to do it in such a well-deserved carefree way.

I know many of you may have seen this elsewhere but I decided to post it anyway.

Just as a reminder that we are not alone.

There is light out there.

Log on to ItGetsBetterProject to find out more about this fight for hope.

Lovely Lachowski

My (healthy) obsession with my ideal of beauty Francisco Lachowski won’t be appeased any time soon.

There’s a new edition of the wonderful, candy-for-the-eye, gorgeousness-display Made in Brazil Magazine:

I was afraid he would be left out of this edition, since he appeared on the first one  but, luckily for me and all his fans, his prettiness and boyish charms are to be seen again:

A preview of the magazine’s content (it will be released later this week) can be seen exclusively on this special.

I fall totally and completely in love with him every time I see his overpowering cute face.

I know it’s adolescent but I just can’t help it. I’m his.


I’ll try to speak as little as I can today:

And that includes written expression.

Random images I found on the internet; credit where available.