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I get so excited when artists I enjoy produce something new.

Here’s the new video by Brazilian remix wizard, Boss In Drama, this time with a song of his own:

A perfect end-of-the-summer tune for the Northern Hemisphere and a most stirring song for those in the Southern Hemisphere who can’t wait to see the summer arrive.

Oh well

I don’t know why I fool myself in believing that there will come the day when I won’t need therapy.

The mind is like a beehive, I once heard, and it takes years and tremendous effort to clear it.

Meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with Brazilian artist Lucas Simões‘ work, a surprising combination of photography and collage with great artistic insight.

His series called Desretratos (Unportraits) is especially brilliant and conceptually enticing. It also gives us a taste of the technique he uses. In his own words:

In this series of works I invited intimate friends over to tell me a secret as I took their portrait. However, my intention was not to hear their secret, but to capture the expressions of each one at the moment they revealed their secret. I also asked each one to choose a song for me to listen to in my ear phones while I photographed them. And, after the photo session, I asked each one if the secret had a color, and these are the colors the portraits carry. From this photo shooting session I chose 10 different portraits to cut and overlap. 

Two images:

It feels like peeling one’s brains through art.

Please don’t fail me now

I’ll open up if you make an incision

I’ll do right by you

All I ask is for your caring precision

And maybe I could pull through

Words by Beth Ditto, images from selected sources


When you least expect it, neurosis creeps its way back into one’s mind.

Never truly gone, rather momentarily asleep, one’s hung-ups are always waiting for the right time to present themselves.

Is this a gift to be received or kindly returned or pushed back?

A search for brightness.

These two hearts

Will make it last

Not too excited  about the visuals, but how can one not love this song?

Digitalism is so soothing.

Siru, 25

It’s all about love. I’m wearing a knit of love.

I found this quote incredibly inspiring; I’ve always liked to think of love as thread.

Taken from the amazing street style blog Hel Looks.


I feel I need a quieter mood for the weekend.

That does not exclude great music, though.

I’ve been listening a lot to the guys from Regal Safari, from England:

Let us breathe the air of tranquility.

Wonderful surprises may lie ahead.

One, two, three

I’m still having a hard time getting back on track with the posts: for that I am sorry.

I shall attempt to use music as my fuel.

Slow Magic is my band du jour:

Time to sharpen our senses.


No more vacations: I’m back to business.

Hectic times lie ahead.

Let’s get down to work then.