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Lovin’ Lovefoxx

What did I tell you about Brazil, kitsch and tecnobrega? Recall it here.

Now the siren of übercool, Lovefoxxx has joined top producer/remix magician João Brasil in this fun-loving, fun-propelling lovely song, Banana:

Let a brilliant weekend begin.

Back to dance

I’m back from my well-deserved yet short vacations. I had a lovely time in Southern Brazil then headed for unbelievably hot Rio de Janeiro for some beach/culture time.

But then this is Christmas week and with it comes that holiday feeling, which means less working and even more unwinding.

What shall we do? Enjoy it with some music:

The Suzan is a Japanese all-girl electronica pop group with a twist of CSS I’m delighted to listen to.

Japan has in the past produced quite a few good pop acts, such as the unforgettable Pizzicato Five. Who remembers this song?

To start the week on a happy note.

Friends, fun & Lovefoxxx

Last weekend was so000 enjoyable I’m very inclined to use the phrase ‘crazy fun’ to talk about it.

Tomorrow is Brazil’s National Day and so we (the lucky ones who don’t have to work today) got a long weekend to do as we please. To be honest, I had originally planned to do nothing and relax for 96 hours straight, but then two dear friends from São Paulo decided to come to Belo Horizonte for a change of air. Lucky me, they are two of the most exciting and fun-loving people on the planet.

On Friday, Lovefoxxx from CSS did her DJ set in one of the new clubs and everyone was there. Nice music, good friends and great drinks. F-U-N.

I’ve always loved CSS ever since they started playing in small clubs around the country (I remember for I was there). What I love most about them is their carefree, relaxed attitude to everything, which becomes quite transparent in their songs. While they don’t release the new album (on the making), I thought I could post a video of one of my all-time favorite CSS songs:

Can’t wait to see what the new record will sound like.

Gotta go, my friend’s just woken up.

One of two

I was recently faced with a difficult choice between work and a weekend full of fun/culture. One of Brazil’s most fun low-key film festivals is about to start in the lovely Baroque town of Tiradentes (from which part of my family roots spring). The festival is a lovely opportunity to meet friends, go to parties and check out what’s happening in the Brazilian movie scene.

For one time I chose responsibility over amusement. I must finish this project I’ve been developing together with an artist friend and we set the final deadline for February. In a very unlike-me decision, I made up my mind to stay here and finish the work.

I suddenly remembered a video that exudes fun by CSS, one of my favorite national acts of all time:

A perfect depiction of a fun-filled trip that will have to wait a little longer to become true in my life.

First things first.