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The Dancer

I’ve cried days

I’ve cried nights

For the Lord just to send me home some sign

Is he near? Is he far?

Bring peace to my black and empty heart

Lyrics by PJ Harvey,

pictures via MadeInBrazil


This is my second most important imaginary love.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet him in São Paulo last month.

But that day will come.

Or so I wish.


Faller-in-love: an upcoming profession, a habit, a vice.

I can’t stop myself.


I dare you

To take me on

I dare you

To show me your palms

What’s so scary?

Not a threat in sight!

You just can’t handle

You can’t handle love.

Words by Björk.

Images from selected sources.

Liking Looking

Looking at Francisco Lachowski is always so soothing:

I feel brand new, right about now.

Lovely Lachowski

My (healthy) obsession with my ideal of beauty Francisco Lachowski won’t be appeased any time soon.

There’s a new edition of the wonderful, candy-for-the-eye, gorgeousness-display Made in Brazil Magazine:

I was afraid he would be left out of this edition, since he appeared on the first one  but, luckily for me and all his fans, his prettiness and boyish charms are to be seen again:

A preview of the magazine’s content (it will be released later this week) can be seen exclusively on this Models.com special.

I fall totally and completely in love with him every time I see his overpowering cute face.

I know it’s adolescent but I just can’t help it. I’m his.

Love for Lachowski

I basically and just totally love Francisco Lachowski:

The Brazilian model is the subject of this very flattering piece on Essential Homme:

Being completely partial, he’s to die for

Feel free to sigh.

Beauty from B: Francisco Lachowski

One other stereotype concerning Brazil that I very frequently encounter (and thus have to face) is the one of race.

Many are those who believe everyone in Brazil is either black or mulatto. Being white, people sometimes think I cannot be Brazilian or even that I am not Brazilian enough. Very often I find myself justifying the fact that I look the way I do and still come from the country I come. I am not kidding.

In our culture, anyone who is born here is considered Brazilian, no matter where one’s parents came from or how they look like. No question about that.

My new favorite male model is also white and very handsome. Here’s Francisco Lachowski:

Some stereotypes are just lovely to be broken.

Extra! Beauty from B boosted

If you like the Beauty from B series, there is something you just must get.

Made in Brazil magazine. Check it out here.

Peek: Francisco Lachowski & Max Motta

More about this mouth-watering initiative soon.