Beauty from B: Francisco Lachowski

One other stereotype concerning Brazil that I very frequently encounter (and thus have to face) is the one of race.

Many are those who believe everyone in Brazil is either black or mulatto. Being white, people sometimes think I cannot be Brazilian or even that I am not Brazilian enough. Very often I find myself justifying the fact that I look the way I do and still come from the country I come. I am not kidding.

In our culture, anyone who is born here is considered Brazilian, no matter where one’s parents came from or how they look like. No question about that.

My new favorite male model is also white and very handsome. Here’s Francisco Lachowski:

Some stereotypes are just lovely to be broken.


One response to “Beauty from B: Francisco Lachowski

  1. I understand what you’re saying hey. I’m a black South African but my white/Indian/Asian South African friends also experience the same thing if they go on holiday overseas etc.
    Even during the World Cup there were foreigners who couldn’t believe there were white people here. Weird lol.

    OMG, OMG, OMG! Francisco has been my crush for a while now. He’s seriously the hottest guy on earth *bites lip* YUMMMMMY~!!!! ^^

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