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The magnificent trailer of the new film by l’enfant prodige Xavier Dolan, Laurence Anyways:

[Elle nous a raconté très rapidement, une histoire d’amour qu’elle avait eue]: “Un jour j’étais au restaurant avec mon copain et il m’a dit qu’il voulait… qu’il allait devenir une femme”. Voilà un repas qui ne se passe pas comme prévu.

– Xavier Dolan

Time for cuteness

A lovely short-film from Brazil, 2010’s I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone 

Written and directed by Daniel Ribeiro; Guilherme Lobo plays Leo, Tess Amorim is Gi and Fabio Audi plays Gabriel.



Writing is not enough
Talking is not enough
Music is not enough
Silence is not enough
Friendship is not enough
Love is not enough
Lust is not enough
Fun is not enough
Exhaustion is not enough

And vicariousness is of great help


Sometimes contemplating something broken helps us reinvent ourselves.


Tilda Swinton is an icon, both as an actor and performer and as a transcendental androgynous beauty.

I have come across this video and couldn’t help but become mesmerized by its simple yet stunning aesthetics. Not to mention the words, so listen carefully.


I have always been a keen defender of artistic collaboration.

Why do something individually when there is so much strength in combining?

I only recently had the chance to see this short film by Jason Bradbury for Norwegian designer Harold Lunde Helgesen (HLH), but it is stunning:

The aesthetic fluidity of this short film is just breath-taking.

And just to dive into one’s mindset (always a great exercise), here’s the ghostly beautiful We Once Were Tide, also by Bradbury:

Collaboration disseminates talent.


One day, in the very near future, these three movies will become part of my life:

Miranda July‘s The Future

Mike MillsBeginners

Xavier Dolan‘s Les Amours Imaginaires

Although I’m very aware of the disruptive powers of expectation, I am very confident in my liking.

Truth at odds

Miranda July is so adept at translating feelings and emotions it is almost unbearably beautiful and inspiring.

I am counting the seconds to finally seeing her new film, The Future:

And as formidable artist as she is, there is a whole project surrounding the release of the film, the most important of which being the blog.

On it there is this life-defining test, which I shall copy here:

To kick things off, I thought I would give you a brief diagnostic test so you can evaluate whether this movie is something you might be in to. Make a mark on a piece of paper for each “true” answer.

1. “I have survived a devastating break-up.” [true/false]

2. “I want to have a kid, but I’m also worried a kid will make it impossible for me to pursue my dreams. Especially since I’m already finding that pretty hard.” [true/false]

3. “I feel guilty about the above statement.” [true/false]

4. “I often find meaning in coincidences.” [true/false]

5. “I would like to take a break from being myself.” [true/false]

6. “I would like this break to involve sex, ice cream, and sheets with a high thread count.” [true/false]

7. “I think cats are pretty wonderful.” [true/false]

8. “I have a serious problem with procrastination that borders on paralysis at times.” [true/false]

9. “The job I have requires me to hide my soul.” [true/false]

10. “I spend way to much time online.” [true/false]

From the set of The Future, by Autumn De Wilde

I got a 9, which makes me odd.

Another truth.

Maturing ideas

The rise of teenage power of influence  has drawn my attention for quite some time now. Art after art, young people under the age of twenty have been conquering new territories and making waves as well as their voices heard in the past few years. Their ideas and views of the world, albeit undoubtedly fresh, have yet to prove their force. Do they really deserve so much interest?

If they are like 20-year-old Xavier Nolan‘s I Killed My Mother film, the answer is a resounding yes.

Written at the age of 16, the script is a painstakingly rich depiction of a young man’s suffocating relationship with a confused single mother. Xavier is not only the brilliant writer but also the outstanding actor and promising director of this truly emotional story.

The 2009 much awarded film was followed by another tale of dangerously close relationships, this year’s Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats):

Nolan’s films achieve the unexpected success of portraying the unclear depth of youth in a sophisticated yet simple way.

But do all manifestations of adolescence deserve equal credit?

Well, much like teenagers’ own lives, the final answer as to whether the attention is indeed generally merited is a very decided maybe.

Reading & Writing & Seeing & Thinking

I almost envy people who are at least apparently able to write in a way their mindsets unravel quite freely. These lucky writers seem to ride on their own trains of thought and the words just pop out as if they were about to miss the departure of the train.

Yeah, I don’t do that. I have never really thought about this until now, but I guess the way I think and write is more like a combination of overthinking, restraining and then letting go trying to ignore my own self-judgemental impulses. In order to let the words be more like the ones in my head, I very rarely proofread my writings and this might be the reason for apparent confusion in this blog. I truly don’t know.

All this came to mind after reading some more of Miranda July‘s stuff. I’m hooked on the blog she wrote back in 2005 connected to her first film Me And You And Everyone We Know:

Watch the trailer, rent the movie, read the blog.

Have a nice Monday.

One of two

I was recently faced with a difficult choice between work and a weekend full of fun/culture. One of Brazil’s most fun low-key film festivals is about to start in the lovely Baroque town of Tiradentes (from which part of my family roots spring). The festival is a lovely opportunity to meet friends, go to parties and check out what’s happening in the Brazilian movie scene.

For one time I chose responsibility over amusement. I must finish this project I’ve been developing together with an artist friend and we set the final deadline for February. In a very unlike-me decision, I made up my mind to stay here and finish the work.

I suddenly remembered a video that exudes fun by CSS, one of my favorite national acts of all time:

A perfect depiction of a fun-filled trip that will have to wait a little longer to become true in my life.

First things first.

Sunday Night Silence

It is quite a paradox: even though I’m so into music, I still appreciate and much need times of complete silence.

On a Sunday night, for example, soundlessness is my choice of noise. The truth is that I hate the feeling I get when I sense the new week arriving with all its demands, obligations and responsibilities. I very often need to focus for a while, in a sort of breathe-in-breathe-out moment, something to help me get through boring times…

Talking boredom-avoiding activities, I’ve just come home from the cinema and I can’t help but express my disappointment at “Wolverine: Origins“. As a fan of the comic series and an enthusiast for the story of the mutants and its metaphors for prejudice, I’ve got to say that this new addition to the movie series is basically just dull. Although Wolverine was never my favorite character (despite being one of the hottest), I did expect more from the film. It is nothing but another action movie of the commonest kind. What a turn-off.

While some of you might want to check it out for yourselves, I for one am going to go back to my preferred soundtrack for today. Have fun.