Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mind work

Being sane is a full-time work.

To be able to control one’s thoughts is to discover the might of the mind.

This song from the golden age of The Cranberries back in the 90’s is thus as appropriate as can be.


One day I might be able to understand the meaning of all the things that happen to me.

I might.

Art pieces by Dutch artist Marc Nagtzaam.


How can you not love Best Coast?

I’ve been feeling very drawn to mythic Californian lifestyle.

Wonder why.

Ps: They write  a great blog too.

Warming up

One of my favorite bands in the whole Solar System is back after a long interval: the geniuses of Architecture in Helsinki:

The perfect prelude for the weekend.


PS: And a happy birthday to my dear friend Luan!


Photography is a type of art very dear to my heart.

I tend to like pictures that capture a moment with subtlety, be it colors, gestures or lighting – I like softness in images, even when they are strong.

One of my favorite sites, BOOOOOOM!, has recently featured a selection of 75 remarkable photographers they came across last year.

Here is a first edited list of my own favorites, but know that there are more:

Phyllis Galembo:

Kyle Scully:

Marlon Kowalski:

Shiri Lee Webb:

& Berni Searle

New eyes for different realities.


Whenever the time, wherever I am, whichever art means chosen, I am always drawn to art which derives from biological shapes.

The reason is simple: life takes soft and cohesive forms, for the most part. The subtlety of biology is always present in the harmony of even the strangest looking beasts.

Take the work of Russian artist Naum Gabo.

The mellow shapes of jelly fish and marine animals are reflected upon the subtle shapes and dazzling forms of his sculptures.

Just like transparent medusae, his art work lets light in and out creating the most diverse perspectives for the eye of the excited beholder.


Dreams and Belief have gone

Time, Life itself goes on.

I had forgotten how much I love this song and how much it means to me.

Portishead was one of my favorite bands in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.