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From dark to bright

I love illustrations and guache paintings but, to be honest, I don’t usually look for it like I do with other types of art. This means that when I do like an illustration, it is because it made its way into my liking by its own talented and impressiveness.

This drawings by American artist Katie Horan did just that:

From the Ladymonsters series

Another new artist who deserves all the attention and encouragement in the world is wonder painter Frank Gonzales:

From the Birds series

I love depictions of birds and his are just eye-wettingly wonderful.

Two beautiful sides of the color spectrum to make one eastethically happy.

I’d love to learn to love you even more

The second American who is beyond admiration for me is the out-of-this-world performing artist/writer Miranda July.

I know I’ve written about her before but she is indeed one of the best and most intriguing voices of a generation.

The way she expresses herself is so unexpectedly interesting it gets me lost in my own thoughts and reflections. How can someone be so gifted?

There are so few surprising idealists these days I feel should pay my tribute to her.

NYC week

When this post gets published, I’ll already be strolling down the streets of New York.

To celebrate my lovely trip to the Big Apple, I prepared a special series of posts about American artists I admire from all fields of the art world.

Since music is the art that appeals the most to me (it’s a visceral thing), I must start with it.

The American singer/musician/songwriter who has and will always have my utmost admiration is Fiona Apple

She’s as talented as can be and doesn’t even worry about success. She only makes music when she wants to and has a very interesting posture about the arts.


Teenage day

I know it’s shallow and I feel like the ultimate teenager to say this but I’m fascinated by male singers in bands I admire.

In my dreams I’ve hooked up with Justin Timberlake (after he’d left N’Sync), dated Thom Yorke and was chosen by Kurt Cobain as his boyfriend. How adolescent of me.

Still, since I’m entitled to daydream for I am a Pisces, here is the list of my most recent top 5 teenage-style wannabe boyfriends from an indie rock band:

1. Oliver Sim, The xx. The voice, the looks, the words. He’d have me in a minute.

I can't give you up

2. Erlend Øye. The style, the voice, the height and the talent. Someone I’d love to share my bed and ideas with.

No better place, no other time

3. Rostam Batmanglij, from Vampire Weekend. He plays so many instruments the melody for my love is already played. Plus, he’s got that exotic look and he’s openly gay.

I can feel it coming

Isn’t it relieving when one doesn’t feel afraid of souding ridiculous?

I’m off to New York.

Let go

A new moment of my life has just began. Or is yet to begin, I’m not sure.

I’ve been feeling quite heavily the weight of the past but, fortunately, the future is around the corner.

To celebrate this renewal, I’d like to post a video by an artist I’m still discovering myself: Pantha du Prince

This music project by the German electronic music producer and DJ Henrick Weber reminds me of the sonority of Matmos at times, with a quicker beat and good feeling to it. A pinch of Erlend Øye is also felt at times.

Great discoveries lie ahead. I can feel it.

Pools, boys, NYC

In exactly four days I’m going to New York City to spend 10 days relaxing and doing some art research.

To compensate for the rather short time I’ll have to devote to this blog, I’m preparing a series of posts on American artists I admire, of all kinds.

When I was thinking about which ones to choose, I suddenly remembered a painting I had seen years ago of a beautiful boy taking a shower depicted with pastel colors in a very poetic way. After a brief research, I found it in my art archives:

Man Taking Shower in Beverly Hills, 1964

It turns out the artist is not American, but English. David Hockney is his name and he was involved in Pop Art (thus my belief he came from the USA).

I just love this series of swimming pools, bathrooms and boys. The geometry, the choice of color and subjects sends this message of relaxation, beauty and heat I really relate to.

His most famous painting:

A Bigger Splash, 1967

If longing for summer and relaxation can be translated into images, these are the best ones.


In a previous incarnation I must have surely been either an Eskimo or a Viking. Seriously, the attraction I feel for Nordic artists is inexplicable.

I was just listening to the radio a little while ago when this strikingly beautiful tune started and I thought: this music is fantastic! When I searched for the name of the band I found out they are Swedish. How impressive.

This is Dag för Dag:

A quick anecdote. A have a friend who once went to Sweden for the sole purpose of finding inspiration for his designs. When we asked him, why Sweden?, he just said: “look at all these great acts we got from there, The Knife and the likes. There has got to be something in their water that makes them so creative.”

That’s a good question.

Day by day in Sweden