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IF HOPE is to grow and blossom, it should take the form of a bush, not a tree
Its roots should be short and superficial, its leaves bendable and sweet
Its structure not stiff as a trunk, but with stems as flexible as the wind commands

So when it dies it won’t cause as much destruction
When it falls or is felled by the untamed
Pruned by the tearing of all conjunction

Big sister, little brother

My sister has recently given birth to a baby boy. It is her second child but I wasn’t living here at the time when my niece was born.

My sister and I have had our ups and downs but I am really glad to be around this time.

As a tribute to her and all the other big sisters out there, here’s a song by Antony and the Johnsons that always makes me cry a bit:

Let the lyrics speak for me.


Writing daily reports in a diary-like style (notice that I don’t want to restrain the way to do it) has two major advantages:

  1. it helps clear one’s mind;
  2. it is a great material for endless laughing years later.

When I first found my teenage diaries, I was really afraid they would make me feel sad given the fact that I went through a lot at the time. Loneliness, friendlessness and lack of chances to be with a guy were some of my main concerns back then.

But then, to my surprise, I was greatly amused by my own thoughts. I was astonishingly mature for my own age. An excerpt from my 15-year-old self:

I see no fun in going to straight places anymore. There is nothing for me there and they won’t solve my biggest problem: finally kissing a guy. What I need to do is find the address of a gay club and go there. I’d be much better off there than trying to fit in where I obviously do not belong.

My decisiveness was unmistakable even back in those days.

But I am mostly glad to see that throughout the years I was able to make incredibly loyal and loving friends. I cherish my friends so much there are no words to describe my love for them.

Instead, I choose to post a song by Antony and the Johnsons from their upcoming new album, Swanlights, to be released in mid October.

What I like most about it is that it was made using images shot by Antony Hegarty himself upon his arrival in NYC in the early 90’s.

Thank you for your love, my friends.

One day I’ll grow up

I was listening to music today and almost completely by chance, I heard a song that says a lot about being a child in a world that doesn’t understand her/him.

The wish expressed in the lyrics, the one of wanting to get rid of feelings of helplessness that define childhood is something I can easily relate to.

It’s relieving to see that there are other points of view. Antony is a sage, I always say.

Ooh now and that’s it

Love is often placed by some of my favorite artists in either one of the two ends of the relationship continuum: ecstatic joy or unavoidable pain. Both depictions please me immensely.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this issue, and Antony‘s lyrics in Epilepsy is Dancing speak straight to my heart:

Cut me in quadrants
Leave me in the corner
Cut me in quadrants
Leave me in the corner

Ooh now, it’s passing
Ooh now, I’m dancing
Ooh now, it’s passing
Ooh now, I’m dancing

To be honest, I thought the last part went: Ooh now and that’s it. How appropriate.

And here’s the video with the entire song:

There is virtually no love without suffering.

Mea culpa

Just when I begin to be glad about the way I generally behave, something happens that makes me see the ugliest side of myself.

I don’t know why I react so badly when I get disappointed at people I care the most about. I don’t know why I respond so angrily when it happens nor do I know why it takes me so long to realize I shouldn’t have behaved they way I do upon such circumstances

Once again, I’m more than glad to stop and ponder about these matters, in the sincere hopes of being able to change.

To remind myself that I’m not the only one suffering, I always turn to music that deals with such issues. My choice du jour: Antony and the Johnsons:

Although this isn’t an official video, it is still great. Taken from their newest record, The Crying Light, this song is just breath-taking. We are so lucky to have heard Antony’s voice.

Even I get emotional sometimes.