Monthly Archives: February 2011

Clarity call

Beyond the hardships, better days will blossom.

Clearer ideas and relieving decisions will come to life.


The ability to change is the hardest one to acquire.

Express. Fear not.

Let us not hang on our misconceptions of others.


Another release that craves your attention is Lykke Li‘s Wounded Rhymes.

Her latest video is such a subtly powerful expression of love it almost brought me to tears:

I’ve got the blues.

Mental soundtrack

I have been listening incessantly to Let England Shake, PJ Harvey‘s latest marvel.

Its musicality and the depth of its lyrics resound so well within I cannot help but listen to it on a daily basis.

Now the third of the series of videos made by conflict photographer Seamus Murphy has been released:

It is one of my favorite songs of the record, a true musical beauty.

Who said politically inspired music can’t be enjoyable – and I dare say, fun?

Organic Ovalle

Curitiba’s Museu Oscar Niemeyer is as delightful a visit as it is a must-see attraction.

The remarkable architecture is home not only to interesting exhibitions (though a bit cramped and random at times) but it is also a meeting point for Curitiba’s creative youth and other busy minds.

It was there that I first came in contact with Chilean sculpturer Pilar Ovalle‘s outstanding work:

Pilar’s motherly approach to wood shapes, combined with an ability to work roughness makes for breath-taking artistic impression.

The use of natural elements and an organic take on art is most welcome on our technology-obsessed world.

PS: Curitiba is one of my favorite cities in Brazil, a true gem and and a captivating destination. I love it.


Instead of posting pictures of another Brazilian boy, I’ve decided to go Dutch.

Love is what I immediately felt when I first saw Bastiaan Van Gaalen.

I just had to pay this tribute.


I will buy new, nice pens.

I will not test my flexibility to the extent I don’t recognize myself in the end.

I will write more, all the time.

I will tidy up my bedroom each and every time I’m bored (and at home).

Doing productive things will keep me from getting bored.

my hand, my diary (2011)