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Mental soundtrack

I have been listening incessantly to Let England Shake, PJ Harvey‘s latest marvel.

Its musicality and the depth of its lyrics resound so well within I cannot help but listen to it on a daily basis.

Now the third of the series of videos made by conflict photographer Seamus Murphy has been released:

It is one of my favorite songs of the record, a true musical beauty.

Who said politically inspired music can’t be enjoyable – and I dare say, fun?

Words, words and PJ

A little more politically-focused, PJ Harvey is back with another video directed by Seamus Murphy,

The Words That Maketh Murder

In trying to combine heavy-felt lyrics with upbeat music, PJ has yet again won me over.


My love and admiration for PJ Harvey is boundless as it is endless.

For every song in her upcoming album (Let England Shake) there will be a short film directed by award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy.

The first one is The Last Living Rose:

I love it when two creative minds unite in favor of a more thorough and dynamic art form.

It almost leaves me speechless.