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Quick inspiration: Quicksand

I just can’t stop loving this song by lovely La Roux:

And as my friend Cris shrewdly noted, it bears remarkable resemblance with this icon of Brazilian übertackiness from the late 80’s:

I love it when tacky becomes fashionable. Inspirational.

Uprising against boring clothing

Why is men’s fashion so boring? That’s a question I cannot cease to ask.

Year after year, despite my longing for novelty and excitement all I get is variations on the same boring things – suits, pants, jackets and shirts. Even the designers who create outrageously fun clothes for women tend to come up with rather dull designs for men. I know couture for men isn’t profitable, but where are the sources of inspiration we guys so desperately need?

There is hope, though. I have recently come across some of the designs of Keko Hainswheeler, a young British designer who creates fun pieces of clothing and the most attractively colorful headpieces one can think of. Another one who’s caught my attention is the Japanese shirt virtuoso Kiminori Morishita.

Keko on Dazed & Confused

Keko's designs on Dazed & Confused

I hereby propose an uprising against boring men’s fashion. Who’s with me?

A thing for them

Living with others teaches you a great deal about so many crucial things. I could cite good housekeeping and bookkeeping as the most important ones, but you can’t ignore the fact that you necessarily learn a lot about human interaction and social behavior, that is, how you cope with another person sharing what you think is your space.

I for one learned that I am capable of doing many things at one time but I never finish them. I was often criticized because of that and, in my defense, I can say that I am truly averse to performing boring tasks. Sweeping is so tedious that it often gets me so bored while I’m doing it that I just don’t collect the dust before I can have a nice cup of espresso or listen to a motivating song or just surf the net for a bit. I need caffeine or another type of creativity stimulus to be able to finish that sort of chore.

On a much more positive note – and to avoid the fact that I still have to unpack, here’s a video for one of my favorite songs at the moment. I love it so much that I can’t listen to it too often, in order not to spoil it. It is highly addictive, so I would advise you to listen moderately. I thus give you Metronomy‘s A Thing for You. Enjoy:

It is also a pleasant reminder of my lovely, fun-filled birthday celebration which took place last Saturday. All my friends came to a wonderfully cool café I chose, which is now owned by another friend, and we just had a blast. Thank you everyone, I really have a thing for all of you.

It is great to be back.

All about Brazil

I’m now back in Brazil and just loving every single degree Celsius.

It’s the end of the Summer now, one of the hottest times of the time, just before the last rains wash away the heat (as Tom Jobim so nicely put it on his lovely Waters of March song & lyrics).

Every time I leave the country I have the wonderful opportunity to learn to appreciate it more, especially everything that is connected to weather. After suffering for months in the bitterly wet Parisian winter, it is just so unbelievably refreshing to see the sun shine every single day. We Brazilians do take it for granted, and so often.

Despite all the problems, all the corruption, all the narrow-mindedness, all the mess, all the poverty and all the prejudice I still think (and this thought kept coming to my mind) that Brazil is one of the best places in the planet to live.

And I haven’t even started talking about the people.