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Sceptical to the bones

As many of you may know, Rio de Janeiro was selected to host the 2016 Olympic Games. As a Brazilian, all I can say is: big deal.

Honestly and realistically thinking, this is the last way one should spend the $ 12 billion expected to be invested in the whole sports extravaganza. When you think about it, if Brazil is a corruption inferno, Rio is its Devil. I just cannot see how this megainvestment – which would be much more beneficial had it been applied to education and/or public health – would do the general public any good.

Not the best way to spend $12 bi

Not the best way to spend $12 bi

I know the president cried and was all emotional about it and I was almost touched, but showing off is not the answer for anything. He may be right when he says “the time has come for Brazil”, but this isn’t the time anyone with a critical view would expect.

Yes I’m sceptical and I’m it to my bones. I just hope all this money doesn’t get sucked into a black whole of greedy and amoral politicians.

So help us God.

Sickening middle class & the Soothing antidote

Brazilian middle-class makes me sick. With the enormous choice of national rhythms and music, they choose to go to the otherwise lovely Ouro Preto to attend a jazz festival amidst the 35° heat of this Indian Summer of ours. Not that I can’t appreciate that beautiful type of music, it is just that I get very upset and frustrated that there arelots of  funds and festivals to value something that is quite alien to most Brazilians.

Basically, everyone who knows how to read or at least those who have a fine ear know that Brazil is a very musical country. Apart from the world-famous samba and bossa nova there is also:

All those music styles are quite popular, in the sense that the common man likes them. Quite interestingly, they are all heavily influenced by African musicality, thus dissociated from the richer, European-American upper classes.

In their attempt to distance themselves from the people, the uncreative dominant classes go on copying external cultural movements, ever trying and pretending to be something that they just are not.

On a much more positive note, here’s a taste of a band which in my mind was going to save Brazilian pop music from boredom and mediocrity with their mixture of rock and maracatu instruments. Enjoy:

Unfortunately, the lead singer and creative mind of the group tragically died in a car crash years ago.

Who’s to save us now?

PS: May the Jewish new year bring newness and novelty to all of us. !שנה טובה

Mood sagas

Love and hate are constant components of my everyday life. For instance, had my last weekend been a book, its title would have probably been The Emotional Yoyo, a Tale of Mood Swings. Not that I’m pregnant, it’s just that my humors change quite often, unfortunately.

Bearing that in mind, here’s my list of 2 things I hate, 1 I love:

2 Things I hate

  • waking up early (the key to bad mood);
  • being forced to be happy in the morning (when meeting clients, for example).

1 Thing I love

  • having long breakfast any day of the week.

I had a lovely dream about my ex-boyfriend (not sexual, though). That also cheers me up quite a bit.

Two things I hate, one thing I love

I have no words to express my appreciation for the succintness of lists. What’s more, they are really fun to make.

Following the lead of a(n) (in)famous Brazilian journalist, I hereby cite:

2 Things I hate

  • French anything in restaurants that are not French cuisine (what a silly attempt to make something seem fancier, esp. when there are language mistakes to be found).
  • Snobbish salespeople (since when working for a reknown brand is synonym with being chic?).

1 Thing I love

  • Sipping coffee alone before seeing a movie (there’s nothing better for creating a perfect mindset for absorbing a story).

Let us love, but let us hate a little too. There is no doubt that it is the contrast that makes life fun.

Peace, death, Pope

I was trying to write a really witty brainy post on how great it was to see an exhibition of Thomas Ruff today, but there are just so many people around me at the moment it is virtually impossible to concentrate.

Is it normal/legal to wish nice folks would drop dead so you could have some piece of mind?

God, I do feel I was cursed by the Pope’s gaze last week because I keep getting these unwelcome feelings of guilt.

Get behind me, Benedict.