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If you follow this blog, you know that I my mindset has been deeply influenced by the landscape that surrounds me. If you know very little about Brazil, you would normally think I live in the middle of the rain forest, amidst wild exotic animals and rain-loving giant plants.

It could not be farther from reality. For starters, I live in the mountains, which have their own particular set of characteristics. Secondly, the vegetation and animals which are native to this area are those of the cerrado (a tropical kind of savanna), thus they are not as green or large as one might imagine. In order to enlighten or maybe even inspire those who are eager for novelty – thus tired of clichés, I have prepared a series on my favorite animals and plants from the region I grew up in and am currently living.

My favorite tree (which is blossoming as we speak/read/write)

Ipês roxos. Pic by Gianfranco Briceño*

Trees in the cerrado are usually of smaller size, are not very leafy and have crooked branches:

African-like cerrado. Advertising for K9 by Gianfranco Briceño

instead of vibrant greens, in the cerrado color palette beiges, browns, yellow and occasional purples reign.

Advertising for Cosh, by Briceño

As a rule, truth, warmth and passion lie most comfortably underneath the surface. The iron-rich underground of the cerrado dies its earth with various shades of red, which so often colors the art of Minas Gerais-born sculptors like the master of metal Amílcar de Castro:

Untitled, picture by Daniel Coury

There is no escape from nature. Even when one is least aware of it, its presence has an undeniable impact in our subconscious and the way we learn to categorize the world.

Knowing whence you came can is the quickest way to find out where to go.

*Gianfranco Briceño is a Peruvian photographer living and working in Belo Horizonte.