Daily Archives: 06/08/2010

Sing along

Since I’ve recently taken the road to the countryside, I decided to post a video of an old short movie – it is considered the first Brazilian music video, with a song that my dad used to sing to me when I was a child.

The first part shows a somewhat romantic view of what life in the country was in Brazil, then it presents the characters and around min 2:00 the song starts. A lovely peek into 1960’s Brazilian cinema:

This short film was directed by Humberto Mauro, who was one of the first truly talented film makers in the country. A nice remark to be made is that he also came from a city in the cerrado.

The song is supposedly a way of teaching children some basic universal rules concerning strength and helplessness, besides being a memory game much like Passover’s Echad, mi yodea / אחד מי יודע.

Besides the animals, the main characters are:

  • the Weaving Old Lady – a Velha a fiar;
  • the stick – o pau;
  • fire – o fogo;
  • water – a água;
  • the Man – o homem;
  • the Woman – a mulher;
  • Death – a morte.

Those who think that metropolises are the only cradles of creation need to search a bit more carefully.

Inspiration is everywhere.