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Twice as nice

Don’t you just love electronic duos?

Air, Daft Punk (pioneers) The Knife, Röyksopp, Cosmetics, Air France are a few of my older and more recent favorites. And now there’s Phantogram:

Ok, the visuals aren’t that great for this particular video but the music is fantastic. Mouthful of Diamonds is the first single from their first record, so they definitely deserve a lot of credit.

Apparently, two heads think, produce, create and execute electronic music better than one.


PS: Happy birthday to my great friend Adriano, my divine inspiration.

Musik för måndag

Maybe it is no wonder I’m so into mind-distracting music these days – I’m truly pressed for time. Since I am gracefully trying not to lose it worrying about deadlines, I choose electronica instead.

The combination of Swedish music grandeur with easy listening, vacation-reminiscent tunes is what the boys in Air France do best:

These two guys from Gothenburg are incredibly good remixers, recreating tunes by giving them that lovely twist of freshness and creativity only insightful artists can do.

Perfect for Monday.